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Change Your Brain

Rewiring your brain so that you no longer crave foods that cause you to be fat is the single most important step to maintaining your weight loss. Any diet will work to lose weight if you can stay on it – but no one does. Why? Because they have not reconditioned their brain. Food manufacturers have specifically designed foods to produce irresistible cravings by activating the addictive responses and advertising is truly a science that produces triggers, like Pavlov’s dogs, to go for the food at all costs.

How do you re wire your brain? You can’t! It takes a teacher, a mentor to show you and give you a language. You have to learn how to think differently and you need someone that thinks that way to help you through it. There are few things as difficult to do as changing the way you think about food and eating and to expect that you can do it on your own is a recipe for a fat disaster.

Luckily, that is exactly what we do with The Skinny Coach Solution … we are here to help guide you through your life changing, brain changing, body changing journey.

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