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Skinny Coach testimonials

"I have so many people commenting on my weight loss -- 45 lbs. so far! And, really, I"ve found it so easy. When I hear commercials about this weight loss program and that, I think to myself -- well, that won't work! Skinny Coach is the only on that will really work, and it's so much easier than THAT one! Anyway, I just believe that your plan in the only one that's realistic and successful."


I want to thank you for starting me on the road to better health, and in the process a skinnier me. These past 28 days have taught me how to eat a certain way to maximize nutrition and well being.
At first I thought that the amounts of food I was eating was a lot, and at times I felt that i would not loose weight. But after the first week I started to feel my body feeling flatter especially around my waist and tummy, which is what my husband noticed after the second week.


I have been following the Skinny Coach Solution plan for about 10 months under the expertise coaching of Dr. Tiffany Wright & I can’t say enough great things about it! :) I have lost over 80 pounds and almost 84 inches overall since November and feel absolutely amazing! I am off all medications and couldn’t be happier! I am now able to shop on the Misses’ sides of the clothing stores! I feel better overall! I am thinking much more clearly (no more brain fog)! I find myself having so much more energy! I can’t say enough about the freedom I feel regarding food! Thank you Tiffany for all of your time and patience and sticking by me throughout my amazing journey! So grateful & blessed! :)


I love being able to cross my legs. Abstinence from overeating leads to so many other freedoms!!


"I am absolutely thrilled this morning. I have lost 15.9 lbs and 13.6 inches the last 28 days which is incredible... I absolutely LOVE this plan"


Month One I lost 13.6 pounds
Month One I lost 23.5 inches

This month really flew by in a lot of ways. It was extremely hard to make the transition to this lifestyle but in many ways it was also very simple. I was able to gain so much time back that I would otherwise be spending thinking about food or snacking on things that I shouldn't have been.

I am really proud that I finally made a decision to better myself, I am glad that I took the steps and spent the money because you were right in the long run that doesn't matter, what matters is that I am getting healthier and skinnier. I wanted to be skinny for so long and now is my time, there is no turning back. I cant wait until I look back on this time in my life in the future as to when I started really focusing on what matters. Food is food, yes some foods are delicious but when I see those and when I crave those I just remember what you said: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"

I’m looking forward to Month Two!!!


"26 pounds lost, wheeeee!
from 18W pants to regular 16, and I bought a pair of 14 as an enticement.
Easy to cook HUGE batches of protein and grain and freeze; makes it super easy to grab and go.
Walmart stopped carrying flip top green beans, and the price went from 38 cents to 50 cents. Communists!! I am still buying by the case. I leave them in the car and take one in to work with me each day.
People are noticing, a lot! Gary says he doesn't think I ned to lose 80, now that he sees what 26 off looks like. Ha! I am still 212 pounds on a 5'8" frame (maybe shrinking with age)
Sticking with my Skinny Coach and I told the people at Newtown MediSpa how to get hold of you on the internet.
Thank you Tiffany!"


"I wouldn't trade what I now know for the biggest lottery prize ever. I have my soul back. The long search is finally over, and I have the "peace with food" I was looking for. It's not just the sugar and refined flour thing but also the brilliant program I have to make it practical and easy to follow. I know it will be forever."


I just turned 47 and I have four kids. 25, 21, 16 and 2. I'm a single mom and for the first time in my life I am having ME TIME. I'm getting a life. Treating myself for once. It feels good and I feel and look good.


Hi, I am Sandra and I am a Skinny Girl! I have been on the Skinny Girl plan for 84 days and counting and I love it. I had a semi-rough start, but I am so glad that I stuck with it and persevered through the struggle because it was so well worth it. As of today, I am down a total of 33 pounds and 26 inches overall!

I was overweight my entire life and had tried every diet out there, from Atkins to Weight Watchers, along various prescription weight loss drugs, and even seriously contemplated weight loss surgery.

It has been a life changing 84 days. I had to undo a 40+ year lifetime of not eating all that consistently well to a complete body cleansing. I have so much more energy now; my joints don’t ache as much; my legs and ankles are no longer swollen at the end of each day; orgasms are better; my confidence has approved; food is no longer my ‘go-to’ comfort, although this part is a work in progress as I am continuing to work on finding other avenues for this. Never in a million years did I ever imagine myself doing this. I eat to live now rather than live to eat! I don’t have the urge to snack anymore when I watch TV. I no longer obsess over what I’m going to eat. I create my daily menus and I stick to them. Amidst all the chaos in my life that gets thrown at me daily, being on this plan is the one constant in my life and it keeps me grounded.

I couldn’t of done it without the guidance, support, and motivation of my awesome Skinny Coach Tiffany Wright (my guide on the side), I might add!


Feeling good! I've noticed my vocabulary has changed, I'm say "I get to" a lot instead of "I have to". That's how I feel everyday, whatever I'm doing. I get to eat this, I get do this, I get to clean that, I get to go there. What an attitude change!


"The first 28 days for me has been more food that I have eaten in my adult life. The diets I tried had me starving. I felt like I was eating like a bird. I was beginning to think the only way to be skinny was to eat one meal a day. Not true people. I had three meals and a snack and still lost 10 lbs in 28 days. I'm most proud of my 3 1/2 inches I dropped on my tummy with very little exercise. I am talking 5 min every other day. I have a ways to go but I feel this is possible. I'm hopeful and have faith in the program. I have a heart of a skinny girl and a mind of a skinny girl. If you can change your thinking, you can change your life. I'm just one day closer! It works!!!"


My doctor was thrilled with my overall condition and it is due to this great program. Thank you so much for this!!!


Put on my pants today that I have not worn in a while and they are really loose! Feels good!


"I lost 12 pounds and 4 inches of my waist alone.
I crave nothing and I absolutely love the food."




Honestly, I feel great! I don't have that brain fog feeling from eating flour/sugar. I didn't really have the $$ to do this when we started but some of the best money I ever spent. Makes a big difference to commit to what I'm eating... I can even button some clothes I couldn't button!


I love this diet. I can feel the difference.

-Sandy Day, 26

Wow. What a different person I am in 84 days. To look at, to talk to. I laugh ALOT! Even at the tough stuff. I move. Did a spring cleaning on my whole house this summer ( my form of exercise!)
84 days ago I was depressed. I spent all day in bed binging on food I didn't even want. My daughters thought I was sick with something. I was. I was sick with an addiction and it overcame everything. I was on my way to becoming an episode of my 300 pound life. I had no life.
My life is so full today! I enjoy everything, from my daily routines, time with my kids, doing nothing, doing everything. I have balance, I'm not hungry and I LOVE MY FOOD! I love looking in the mirror and see Jackie again. Shoot, I even enjoy doing the dishes:)
Thank you, Tiffany. I knew I needed abstinence, but I just couldn't get there the way I had in the past. I have a plan and accountability today, but it's workable and realistic. Not overwhelming like FA.


"My cholesterol went from 235 to 161. I just took my diabetic Panel Test. My A1C is 6.2. The average is 4.8-5.9. Last time I took the test it was 7.2 and the time before it was 6.9. My other results are very good too. My triglycerides are on their way down from 303 to 230. That is amazing for only 2 and a half weeks on Skinny Coach. My doctor is going to be very happy with me. Thank you for helping make positive changes in my life."


"In only 1 month I lost 12.2 pounds

Total inches lost 28.5!!!!!!!

Five in just my chest!!!
6 in my arms!
3.5 in my waist!!!

Thrilled and motivated to make it through the weekend!!"


I lost 10 lbs for a total of 65 lbs. I look in the mirror and I see me. My youngest daughter is 16. I now am what I weighed before I got pregnant with her. I've been over weight for 16 years. Feels good!


Something resonated within me...if you don't do this, you are going to die.
A group of cluster blood vessels in the left quadrant of my brain has me on a daily regimen of aspirin and high blood pressure meds to prevent a stroke although the cholesterol medicine was dropped when it was discovered that it raised my blood sugar.
These health issues as well as being grossly overweight could be a recipe for a health crisis.

I believe that anyone can endure 3 weeks of something new...it is what follows that is the true test. If it was true to change a habit takes 3 weeks then overeaters would be thin and alcoholics would never relapse. Instead, staying away from a bad habit is a lifetime effort.

I am excited that I have lost 12 lbs in the first month and a total of 18 inches, of that 4 inches were off of my waist and 3 inches from my hips, which are the most important numbers to me....it is working!


I remember starting off being so nervous. I was worried about all of the planning. After the first week, I loved the planning!!! I was so happy that I was so prepared that I didn't have to think about meals. Especially given the stressful first week. My husband and son got injured and I was so stressed! I felt sorry for myself that first weekend. But, what was stronger than those feelings was how proud of myself I was! When I look back, I think that I just didn't think I could actually do it. I have a history of trying to make life changes and failing. I have been so proud of myself for sticking to the plan :) Every week gets easier and I find myself forming new habits. I am saving money by not wasting food, not eating out as much and not stopping to buy diet cokes. I don't spend hours looking on he internet for the "miracle" that will make me skinny.


I had to wear my old scrubs as we didn't do laundry soon enough. I was swimming in them. I remember when they were tight against. My skin. I remember when I would bend to pick up something how my knees would ache my excess skin would press and pinch. I would be short of breath as my stomach would push against my arms. I do not have that today. I am free.


Still happy with the food. So relieved not to have to figure out what I'm eating and not to grazing all the time. No cravings at all. I feel like this is very easy and sustainable. Glad to have sanctioned carbs.


" woohoooo!
- 9 lbs lost!
- 11 3/4 inches lost!"


I started Tiffany's plan I was 250 pounds when I started. I was 160 when I ran the L.A. marathon and it has been life-changing for me.
About a year after running the marathon, I saw an additional benefit of eating without sugar, wheat or flour. I got pregnant. With my fifth child. At nearly 44 years old.


"I just had my 28 day weigh-in and I had to stop at a coffee shop to write this. I am far too excited to drive 45 minutes through LA traffic before I share the news! 12 pounds are gone. 12 pounds I never need to see again. And even more astonishing is the 29 inch loss throughout my body. 29 inches in 28 days! And to be completely honest, I have exercised maybe 10 of the past 28 days at most. I am so excited!Tiffany, all I can say is that I am so glad I found you. And to anyone starting the plan who had the same thoughts I did the first week (I called Tiffany during my first week to tell her that I thought I was eating too much to lose any weight), this plan works!"


I'm so happy. It's not about the weight for me. It's about the discipline. Truly. I love knowing what I'm going to eat.


Day 30 feels great! What a joy to have lost 9.5 lbs in month one and just over 16 inches. I now weigh 148.5 lbs, which is a hell of a lot better than 158!!!!


I had just cleaned out my closet and put all the pants that fit in the drawers and now they are too big! So I pulled out the box with the next size down:) Wearing very cute white cotton slacks tonight!

I'm grateful for 31 pounds list in 84 days!


Thanks Tiffany for giving me hope again that I can be healthier, feel great about myself, have more energy and whatever else. It's mind boggling and to think that I was almost going to let money get in my way! There's no price I can put on feeling great about me, feeling proud of taking the high road, and no price on the feeling of putting on smaller size clothes. I am halfway to my goal and so today counts and so does every bite that we take!!


I think I skipped a size:) Trying in jeans hoping the would fit and they were all too big!
Today was fine, skipped the coast cuz the oldest was grumpy cat.
It's nice thAt my outside is starting to look as good as my inside feels:)


Susan Before and After

I am 53 years old man with 3 grown boys, one proud Marine and a wonderful wife of 29 years and finally have my weight issues in hand. For as long as I can remember I have been on a diet, always adding more pounds than I lost. Always having three sets of clothes size XL, XXL, and XXXL. The first big change started when I got all the way up to 365 pounds. I was on 14 pills a day and insulin for the diabetes. My doctor told me to change or die. I tried to change. I lost a lot of weight very quickly on a soup diet. I stopped and started eating again thinking that I could control it this time. WRONG. The pounds started to come back and then flew back on. That's when I asked a friend's wife about her transformation. She told me about Dr. Tiffany Wright and the Skinny Coach Solution. After listening to the outline of the program I thought I would give it a try. It works. I have lost all my weight and I have managed to maintain the loss. In fact, my weight is lower today than when I was 13 years old. I weigh 185 pounds!!!! No more half gallons of ice cream or full packages of chocolate chip cookies, YES that was me. I would start with a bowl for the ice cream and then just finish it all off. People ask me if I miss these foods. The answer is simple- NO. Oh, as for the pills and injections, all are gone. My blood sugar and blood pressure are perfect. As for the clothes, I am a medium/large 34-36 waist- no more size 48-52. I look and feel great!


Jeff Before

Jeff After


Today I started day 29 and I weight myself and lost 10.5 pound and 14" all over. I feel really good about it, in just 28 days!!
What I feel really awesome about is that I had an ongoing pain/inflammation on my right hip and now is totally gone. Since I am allergic to most anti inflammatory medications i feel good that i can decrease inflammation by omitting sugar and flour. This is a welcomed discovery for me.
I feel ready to start my next 28 days and see what new things happen to my body, physically and internally.


I must say I have been thoroughly pleased with the last seven days. (My morning blood glucose readings have been under 100.) In fact I have decreased my insulin by two units to bring the blood glucose readings to a little over hundred. I have never had blood glucose readings this low.


I can't believe I have done this program for 28 days. It feels like I just started yesterday. As I look back on this month I am so very happy that I did this. I am so happy that I took the leap and committed myself to this program. I remember thinking that this is the answer to everything I had been looking for. There has been a few really hard days. Every time I made it through the day my confidence grew in myself and the program. I know that as I continue to follow the program and as I change my life, I will be able to enjoy my life to the fullest. I am so determined to have another successful 28 days. I feel the difference but I think the next month will really bring wonderful changes. I feel so wonderful and I am so thankful that I don't have to feel terrible because another month passed that I didn't lose weight.


I have been thinking about what I think about this past month. I am thrilled about how easy it is to eat this way. I keep wondering when it will get hard, and it just hasn't.
I am really enjoying focusing on what I am doing instead of focusing on what I am or am not eating. And, it feels great to fit into smaller clothes. I feel very encouraged that I can actually lose this weight and be skinny forever.


You said I would be a skinny girl by my birthday. I didn't believe that Statement! I wanted to but thought no way that I could lose the weight in 6 months. Guess what? I did it!


I can tell you right now that I am very grateful for your program and this simple set of concepts for eating and planning ahead. I am super grateful that I no longer ever think of sugar or flour concoctions as a reward, or something foodie/cool, or delicious in any way. Those things are scary hyperpalatables that I do not eat. As an addict, I completely abstain from those things. They are what brought down my mother and my grandmother with early death and a lot of suffering during life.


I can't believe I lost 10.2# in just one month!!! I am so happy, happy, happy! I don't think I've ever lost this much weight in one month! Yay, us!! I will enjoy not weighing myself for another month now that I am buoyed by my success!


"Not a day goes by now that someone does not call me ‘skinny’, ‘Skinny Minnie’, ‘slim’, tell me how much I’m shrinking, tell me that I look like a completely different person, or tell me how awesome I look. It feels great, but also surreal at the same time.

Just recently, I even had someone say to me that they saw my picture on Facebook and wanted to be me, wanted to look like me because I was skinny. That was definitely the most surreal thing/feeling because all my life I have always been on the (heavy) side of the fence, i.e. always the heaviest in the room, always the heaviest among my family and friends, etc. Now I am finding myself on the other (skinny) side of the fence, i.e. no longer can I say that I am the heaviest in the room, no longer can I say that I am the heaviest among my family and friends, etc. I had only dreamed of being skinny all these years and now my dreams come finally come true! :-)

It is a great feeling not only being a Skinny Girl on the outside (having a skinny body), but also on the inside (having that control over {food} what I put into my mouth).

Thanks Tiffany! I’m glad I found something that finally works for me after all those countless years of trying everything else and failing at every single one!"


Has it really been more than half a year. This year has been great. This year has been clear. My mind has been clear. I do not have the same anxiety. I am letting emotional feelings go. I am not carrying emotional weight like I did before. I can breathe, I can feel, and it is so much better than running, than hiding, than stuffing. It is a beautiful thing.


I have learned (or remembered ) so much about myself this time. I eat so much out of habit, out of fear, out of boredom. I feel so free, so in love with this self. Right now I'm on a life high. Stepping out of my fear, out of this heavy shadow. Slowly trying to become the woman I always wanted to be. Could something so simple as sugar have been holding me back? I want to live freely, I want to live joyously. I don't want to hide anymore. I have so much, am so much, need so very little. I just want to party with my kids all day and all night long. I'm tackling projects the right way now. Not just in spurts between sugar fogs. But well thought out actions. I'm more focused and keen. I'm living free and honest with myself, with my husband, with my kids. I really can, I really will, I really do. I can tackle my day. sleeplessness is gone, exhaustion is ebbing, focus is clear, memory is back, hair not falling out, weight is coming off, all the premenopausal symptoms have disappeared. Even my diastasis is getting better. Thanks Tiffany.


I feel excited to have two months behind me and to be starting month 3. I love starting a new book. I am grateful that I have a way to eat that is healthy for me (and now for baby too!) and that is mentally simple. I wore some jeans yesterday and noticed that I feel "regular" in my clothes now. My normal clothes look normal: not tight or ill-fitting. And I don't look fat anymore. I look "normal." Yes, here's to "normal"!


"It hasn't been "easy" but it also has NOT been "hard." It's been COMPLETELY DOABLE... which is more than I can say about every single other eating plan I've tried. And this is all with an eating plan alone; I have not worked out at all. Truly awesome. Thank you, Tiffany!!!!!!"


"I am down 4 lbs and 23 inches… super happy about the inches and my current clothes sizes. I am now back in a size small top and size 8 jeans. I am looking forward to camp this summer and being able to exercise at least 3 days a week. Hopefully that will help me get to the number I want on the scale faster.Thanks for everything so far. I haven't felt this good about my weight and weight loss plan in years."


This way of eating is so easy it's kind of unbelievable. I have been exercising daily and that's been great. My life seems to be moving at warp speed and I am truly grateful to have the relief the of the sanity provided by this program. Thank you Tiffany!


"From the time I was a young girl, I've more or less had a running joke, if you will, about my weight. I would always say, "I've been overweight since the day I was born." The story behind this statement actually does go back to the day of my birth. I had an uncle that loved to play the lottery and the daily numbers. So when I was born he played my birthday, the time I was born and my birth weight (701 foe 7lbs., 1oz.) Well, guess what number came out that day – 700. Need I say more?!?!?!

My weight has been an all consuming issue for me for as long as I can remember. I was put on a 'plan' by my family doctor when I was in about the fourth grade – l lost weight but shortly after put it back on. I've tried Weight Watchers (more times than I can count), Scarsdale Diet, South Beach, Michael Thurmond's 6 week Body makeover, Medifast, and Isagenix. I lost weight with every one of these diets and managed to keep it off for a few months but slowly put it back on. Either I'd go off completely or start allowing myself "treats/rewards". Oh it's so-and-so's birthday, or it's Friday and it's bagel day, or "Oh but it's just a "couple of Girl Scout cookies"; "Christmas comes just once a year". The rationalization turned into a daily mantra and soon whatever weight loss success I had, had gone out the window.

My issue: I think I always knew I had a SUGAR ADDICTION (continue reading)"


Martha Before

Martha After


I am so motivated by losing the first ten pounds! I am wholly committed to the next thirty days and losing the next inches and weight!
I feel strong in my resolve, and do not feel that I have 'arrived' by any means. I have had several moments that I had to choose skinny , but not too many. I feel better about not having the food talk in my head. It's not about whether I can or can't anymore..it's just not part of what I do and not even a choice anymore. How can you Lose weight!! Lol well I get it for sure now.


No - I wasn't 100 pounds over weight, but in my head I might as well have been very time I looked in mirror and wasn't satisfied with what I was.
Feels great and successful. Thanks for reading that first email I sent and taking me on. You are making a difference in my life and I REALLY appreciate you. I know it's a business for you, but I know you genuinely care so thanks for that!!


I am home and I am skinny, I am skinny, I am skinny. I learned a lot a the conference, including how to travel to a hotel and be skinny. It's a lot of work. I was not very good at it. Good thing I won't be traveling for a while. Definitely easier to travel to a condo.


Feeling good about my work on diet. So happy! I've lost 65 pounds. Wow! I'm wearing a size 7 jeans. Love it!!! I have only 20 lbs to go to reach my goal. Just trying to tone what I got. Love the journey. Thank you!!!


I enjoyed my skinny meals and my skinny water it was great. Life and activities are more exciting and enjoyeable than ice cream anyway if I really want to look at it.


I can't believe I've gone this long without sugar. Actually I can- since I've done it before- but I can't believe how easy it's been. I feel so much better!! People are commenting that I look great, which is super nice. Mostly I just like not feeling crazy around the food. I miss cocktails tho. This not drinking at all thing is no fun. My waistline is grateful, tho!


When I started the program, I was hesitant because I had gone off sugar and flour in 2013 and only lasted a few months. I wasn't sure what to expect on this program but I can say having the accountability of the daily emails,check ins and the eating plan is what has kept me on track. I've not eaten this much food. In fact the last time I did go off sugar and flour, I didn't really plan it out as well as this is planned out and that's why I've been able to continue successfully.

The first week was an adjustment. I had to eat out the 4th day but thankfully you walked me through the menu to decide the best choice. I also told a small number of people who I knew would be helpful as well. I thought I would've felt deprived, but I didn't. I wasn't physically hungry at all and I'm still not. I didn't have physical cravings either, more emotional ones.

These last few weeks I've learned a lot about myself. I've learned not to wait too long in between meals. I also benefit greatly from planning ahead. I don't have to think about it. I have 'go to' foods I can count to fill me up as well as giving me the nutrients I need. As I look to this next month, I'm happy to hear it's going to get better. My goal is to heal my body from the destructive habits I've had over the last 20 years. I now feel like I can do it, whereas in the beginning, I wasn't so sure. It's refreshing to have control now and not to feel pulled by sugar and flour.


"Tiffany has totally changed my relationship with food. I've always been a yo-yo'er, but now, I feel totally in control. I've lost 21 pounds and feel that I'll never eat--or want--sugar again. No binges, no regrets. My clothes fit again, and it truly hasn't seemed tough. I've never been hungry, and in fact, sometimes I feel like I have to eat bigger meals than I did before I started eating Tiffany's way. All pretty miraculous, I'd say."


Time is going by so fast. I slept so good last night. Among the many good things that I remember about the Eyou was the amazing sleep I had while eating on plan.


9 pounds:) I reached my first goal which was to get under 200! My measurements are funky on my thighs and biceps, I'm prolly measuring a different spot. So this month was just simply good. I wake up each morning happy to be alive and excited for my day. I go to bed with a clear conscience and sleep like the dead. As you know, I've been keeping myself very busy. Not thinking about weight and food is like having a superpower!!!! My emotions are back, in a good way. I'm prone to happy tears and sentimental thoughts. My heart is more open, there is space in there again. My food addiction was always a jealous lover, making me choose between food and other people. There was no room for both. Today I am free of that.


It's life changing and I am in it for the long haul... Not just for the first ten pounds. I want to keep this feeling that I can control my eating and leave out all sugar and white stuff because I have the power!!


I have said goodbye to 21 pounds. I never want to see those pounds again. They are not my friend! They make me feel bad about myself. I have a long way to go, but I know if I stay focused, and keep on the Skinny Coach program, I will be a Skinny girl! I will stay the course and become a skinny girl forever.


"I can't believe how easy it is."


"The Skinny Coach plan is sanity for me. It is a balanced approach to eating that keeps me from feeling hungry. When all the world is falling down around me, at least my food is in balance. I always seem to put myself last when it comes to taking care of things. Skinny Coach helps me put myself first, and gives me one less thing to think about... It gives me a plan for food. A plan for me. And it's the only plan that has really ever worked for me."


I'm feeling great! Got into a pair of shorts I haven't been able to get into in awhile! That's exciting.


"The plan has been amazingly easy to stick with. At first, I had trouble imagining how I could eat out with friends, travel for work, or maintain any sense of "normalcy" on this "diet." Now, I realize there are few places I can't find the right foods to nourish my body and that as long as I have my RyKrisps, I can stay on plan just about anywhere. My skin has cleared up – I have fewer acne issues. Also, I just feel sharp. In fact, I've felt better than I have in a long time in terms of handling work stress, my sleep schedule, and having an overall sense of health and well-being. I don't experience the crash that happens after an excessive meal with the wrong foods. I eat and feel energy to keep going through my day instead of that sluggish feeling I used to feel after eating or after I would starve myself all day in an attempt to lose weight."

-Lisa H.

"I weighed in for my first month …  I lost 8 pounds and 14 inches.  I am back in my size 8's and some of my "curvy" 6's and I couldn't be happier!  Nice to not have to suck it in to zip up pants and then feel uncomfortable."


"Lost 10 lbs!! in 28 days."


"I honestly can't believe I did it. I have never ever been able to stick to a program for more than a week or two. And honestly probably not that long without cheating on it once or twice. Once I cheat on a diet that starts the slippery slope of a little bite of something here or there until I've completely failed. It's the first time that I'm really hopeful that I can make it to my goal."




Lost 70 pounds

"On embarking on the Skinny Coach Solution I weighed 275 lbs-and felt generally miserable,often out of breath and frankly quite ashamed to wear tight fitting clothing.I would often catch a glimpse of myself in a reflection and would momentarily be horrified by my size which had got out of control.

I am thrilled to report that I have lost 65 lbs and feel like a man reborn.I no longer have any interest in eating sweet things and can leave food on a plate without feeling the need or impulse to finish it off.My energy levels have increased exponentially as have my feelings of well being.I feel great now about the way I look and in truth it wasn't really difficult.The brain 're-wiring' really works and I have totally integrated no sugar or flour into my diet with no regrets or pangs for things lost.I would personally like to take this opportunity to thank Tiffany for her amazing coaching and hand on heart would recommend the Skinny Coach solution to anyone looking to lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight level."


I wanted to let you know I have lost 16 pounds to date. It has been fantastic and easy for me.
My goal is to lose another 20 pounds to be back where I was 3 years ago.
Thank you so much for the information and knowledge you have passed along.
I am in it for the long haul……..
My mantra is "I am a Skinny Girl-I don't eat that"……It works for me.


I am so happy with Tiffany's program." I cannot believe how much food I eat on a daily basis, and I don't even miss the sugar, flour and cheese. I never thought I would look forward to eating plain yogurt, quinoa, brussel sprouts, etc. I am so grateful for the weight loss.


This month it has been interesting, I have had heard a lot of people say, "what, FOREVER?!?" when I talk about giving up wheat and sugar. The more I have though about it, the more I realize, yes, forever. No matter how I imagine it, I can't come up with a scenario where moderation would work. I've tried every one and it's never, ever worked. I always end up back in the same place. Even though I sometimes still feel a little sad about it, I know I really, really, really don't ever want that out-of-control, frustrated feeling again. I don't think I ever thought I would get there, but I feel so much more solid in it than even a month ago. Maybe not all the way but HUGE progress. It's not even all about getting skinny, it's also so much about not feeling crazy anymore.


I'm so excited to report that I've lost a total of 50 lbs to date. I'm a single mom with two children still at home. One is a toddler and the other a teenager. I don't have a great deal of time. Tiffany told me to focus on the eating and the exercise will come. Well exercise is here. Focussing in the beginning on eating and then seeing the results from eating only. Wow! I've been losing 10 lbs a month and if I stay on track I should be my goal weight by November. I'm focused more now than ever! I have to confess I liked wearing the baggy clothes. Not sure why but my youngest daughter made me buy the right size. I fell over when I did. I'm a medium. That will make you exercise too. The stores here are having a clearance on end of season clothes. Buy smaller sizes! I found some Levi jeans in my goal size for 8 dollars. Don't get comfortable with baggy. You have a bottom and need to show it off. You'll be amazed how good you'll feel.


"I had to go shopping for new pants because the ones I bought just 3 weeks ago are already too big. I have officially dropped from needing size 16 pants to size 8. It just amazes me how quickly that happened. Tonight I cleaned out my closet some more and took out all of the clothes that are too big. Before I would have held onto them just in case. If feels good to know that I never have to do that again because I never plan on going back."


"I stepped off the scales and back on because I thought something was wrong with the scales. I lost 13.5 lbs and 11.5 inches in my first 28 days. I am doing the happy dance for real. I'm .. saving because I will need a new wardrobe next spring."


"My husband started this week and he did very well. He is surprised that he felt full. I have been good and eating well. One day at a time for me with 20 lbs left to lose. I have never lost more than 30 lbs. So 47lbs is huge and I am so happy."


I always felt good and had no cravings for sugar. I think that it was easy to follow. I now bulk cook so that I always have food in my freezer, that I can just grab easily.
Also there were foods that I wound't allow myself to eat because of carbs like rice and bananas, potato. I am so happy to be able to eat those again
So I don't think of what I can't have, but rather the things that I can eat now that I used to miss.


"Before Skinny Coach, I couldn’t lose 1 lb in 9 months of “trying” really hard going on various diets that are destined to fail and exercising to the point of injury and exhaustion. Now I’ve lost 20 lbs--I’m in disbelief! I realize now that it’s not about how many calories we take in or how much exercise we do. It’s really about what you’re putting into your mouth and how much of it. Wow, I wish I figured that one out years ago. Skinny Coach has really taught me how to eat right, which sounds obvious but it’s hard to know what is the right thing to eat with all the different (and contradictory) diets out there. It feels so empowering to finally be able to control my food intake and not be controlled by it!"


"It's amazing to me how much success I can have in this program- I am 100% at my ideal weight and feeling fantastic, have recovered from 20 years of bulimia, and have a ton more money because I'm not spending thousands of dollars a month on binge food- and yet a part of my mind can still think today that I want to binge on sugar. And that part of my mind really believes it would make me feel good and that it is a desirable thing to do. Insane! Thankfully, I'm just trudging along instead, doing the next right action."


"When I started this journey I didn't even want to go to the closet and pick out an outfit. What would "camouflage" my weight, my tummy and make me look slimmer,black? Well I think my entire closet is black. I had no discipline, always cleaned the plate and ate everything. But after reaching 40, many failed diets,having several surgeries which my insurance didn't cover, I accidentally came upon Tiffany's website and called her. It was divine intervention I know. I have hope now and I made it through the first month with great results for me."


While I do not have food addiction issues, I have been inundated by so many different diets, that I have become confused about what is healthy and what is not. Is dairy ok? Is meat ok? Is it ok to eat at night? What about gluten? Do I have to starve myself to be skinny? Tiffany came in with a plan that was not hard to follow, was balanced and clean, and put me back in charge of my eating. She guided me when I needed her assistance, patiently answered all of my questions, and I lost 12 lbs in the process. I feel great and I have a plan for life. I highly recommend this way of life, (I don't believe it to be a diet.)


"10.6 lbs in one month"


"I have now finished my 3rd month and have lost 30 pounds. So happy about all of that. I have noticed some things that have nothing to do with my weight. For instance, I actually can smell better. I'm also not quite as moody.  My palette has changed. I actually think sweet potatoes are almost too sweet!"


"I lost exactly 10 lbs, totaling 23.4 lbs since mid Oct. I'm happy with that since I had a stressful and traveling month. Yay!"


"I am skinny on the inside and out. My brain is retrained - I don’t miss it, I don’t even think about it - I am not interested in that junk anymore."


"After a life time of sugar addiction and compulsive eating, my weight started to creep up in the last couple of years until it was 20 pounds heavier than my norm. So, I contacted Tiffany Wright ( "The Skinny Coach")to learn more about her program.

At the conclusion of the four weeks, I was delighted to learn I'd lost 9 pounds, including 4+ inches from my waist! I've continued according to the simple guidelines and have now dropped 17 pounds in just six weeks! My husband was so impressed with my progress and the good sense of this healthful plan, he started following my lead and we are now making healthier choices for the whole family."


"I know. It feels great!!! After I get through this back issue I'm back at the gym. I've got a waistline again Tiffany. A WAIST LINE !!!!!!"


"Your program is so freeing. Until the Skinny Coach Solution, I have never been able to maintain a weight. In the past I would hit a goal number for a nanosecond then begin to regain. Now I need to figure out how not to lose more. Could be because my daughter's wedding is in 20 days!"


"Today is my official weigh in day ...drum roll please...this month I lost 8.6 pounds, bringing my grand total to 52.6 pounds!!!"


"We weighed ourselves yesterday and Sandy has lost a total of 10 pounds and I have lost a total of 19 pounds. I have never lost that much in my whole life except when I was in Vietnam where I lost 29 pounds in a year."

-Frank and Sandy

"11 days until retirement, day 6 of being a skinny girl and today I put on a shirt I was unable to button last summer. Today it buttoned with room to spare!!!! WOOHOO me!!!!!"


"So many people noticing and commenting for the first time that I have lost weight and look good today. My husband actually used the words, "you're hot" today."


"My clothes were all too small and I felt awful... frequently. I had few clothes that I could wear comfortably. Now…I am fitting into ALL of my clothes comfortably. I can wear them and feel good and feel confident. People have commented on "the huge amount of weight I've lost" .I got into my bikini this last month and wore a tank top over it as it was at the YMCA with all the kids and families. For the first time in a long time, I WANTED to take my tank top off and say...look at me!! :)

I remember that awful feeling physically AND mentally when I would binge on sweets. I don't want to ever feel like that again and I don't have to. I can wake up every morning feeling good, looking good and knowing that I am treating my body and myself right."


"I am excited that I have lost 12 lbs in the first month and a total of 18 inches, of that 4 inches were off of my waist and 3 inches from my hips, which are the most important numbers to me....it is working!"


"In one month I have lost......Roll of the drum!!!!! .................... I lost 23.5 inches overall on my body, 7 of which was between my waist, tummy and hips!!! Yeah man!!!!!!

Overall, I've lost 21.6 pounds. Incredible!!!! I haven't been able to lose that kind of weight in a year, not to mention 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most importantly, I feel better, more energetic and in control. Am I happy, oh yeah!

I guess I'm aspiring to be the new skinny girl after all. Still find that name to be a little uncomfortable, but I'm beginning to try it on for size (or lack of size ... hehehe).

This really motivates me to keep on keeping on. Have a great day."

-Donna G.

"I know exactly what I can eat in order to not crave food, sugar, etc. and be at a healthy weight.  I know if I don't eat that way, I won't be at a healthy weight and I will crave.  It is very black and white for me and I am perfectly happy and content with that!  This way of eating has allowed me to put much needed boundaries around my food and eating.  Within those boundaries I have found so much freedom.

I know the weight loss is noticeable because people are telling me…and wanting to know how I'm doing it!   I've been wearing a size 8 dress pants to work for a while now and may need to try a size 6!  I started out as a size 16 .For the first time in a long time I'm looking forward to buying new clothes No dreading looking for a bathing suit…but embracing looking for one and looking forward to swimming in my pool without being embarrassed!!"


"What I love about being a Skinny Girl . . .

That moment every morning when I wake up and realize, "I'm skinny!" It never gets old.

Eating like an adult.

Having gone from a size 14/16 to a size 6 on the bottom, I can now cross my legs and sit like a lady!

Wearing really high heels without my feet buckling under the extra weight.

Shopping the S rack instead of the XL.

Shopping for a bathing suit!

Three words: Little Black Dress."


"I LOVE waking up skinny every morning! It is always exciting to know it is real and not just a far off dream!

I love having my friends and family always asking me for health advice!

I love working out at the gym and getting compliments from both men and women on how "hard core" my workouts are!

I love seeing my shadow on the sidewalk!

I love the clarity of mind and amazing ideas that have come to me!

I love my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



"I have now finished my 3rd month and have lost 30 pounds. So happy about all of that. I have noticed some things that have nothing to do with my weight. For instance, I actually can smell better. I'm also not quite as moody. My palette has changed. I actually think sweet potatoes are almost too sweet!"


"After going through a divorce and gaining 30 lbs on top of being 20 lbs overweight.I knew I had to do this. I knew I had to change my eating habits drastically. After starting the diet,I have realized that food doesn't control me anymore.That I am eating to live and not living to eat. Eating fast food and sweets does not enter my mind. I know what I am going to eat and how much. I am so happy and proud I started this lifestyle change. So happy to feel my clothes getting bigger and bigger! Can't wait for next month!"


"I started Skinny Coach because I hated being a hypocrite. I spent all day hating my body and wanting to be thin--all day except for the several intervals during which I ate the kind of food that everyone knows makes you fat. I complained to my husband and my friends, and I complained to myself knowing I was to blame. We were all quite tired of it. Now, three months after starting Skinny Coach, my former skinny jeans are too big on me. I still bother my husband by talking about my weight, but as he put it, "at least it's all positive." So I congratulate myself a little too much, but I'm okay with that. I'm 41. I had never lost weight before. I had never consistently eaten in a healthy way. I finally see a way to live the rest of my life without the burden of wishing I saw someone else in the mirror. Life is much simpler when you are the person you want to be."


"I'm very happy living with this new way of eating.  It is a welcomed lifestyle change that has allowed me to live with a normalcy in connection with food.  I no longer binge or crave foods like I used to.  I feel very satisfied and content and do not feel like I'm missing out on anything."


"Woo Hoo! 5.9 pounds and 11 inches...including a lot of belly inches good bye! no more tight waist bands!!!!

my knee has quit hurting and my joints are happier...and so am I!!!

ps thank you!"


"I feel good! I love being free from sugar. I feel better and look better. Eating free is not always easy, but it is always rewarding!"

-Skinny Sandi

I have lost 20 pounds exactly in the last month and I would have to say that it was easy. I find that I can walk past my old nemesis chocolate and not even want it and when my wife bakes I can help and not try to lick the bowl.

I am looking forward to the next 20 pounds and for my suits to fit and may even have them re-tailored to a smaller size."


"We are doing great here!  I just wanted tell you how much I am forever THANKFUL for you!  Words can't even describe it!
Many people don't even recognize my husband and I anymore!!!!  Even though we have been on this plan for just 6 months!  We seem to be inspiring people with the amount of weight we lost. Heads turning, comments galore, receiving a ton of compliments even from people who never would say a word.  It boosts our self esteem, lifts us up, & encourages us to want to live a long healthy life! I find that this is NOT a diet at all, but it is a more healthier and nutritious way of eating.  I feel so much better on the inside that the outside reflects it!"


"It's hard to believe 28 days has passed so quickly.  I thought this would be one of the most difficult things that I would do, never, ever thinking that I could give up sugar, chocolate, bread and pasta.  I was surprised at how easy it was.  There is a right time for everything and this was and is just the right time for me to do this. I was out of control and I didn't know how to stop.  I couldn't just eat one piece of chocolate or one piece of cake.  I had to keep going back for more.  I would sit and think about the next two cookies, I would get up and eat and when I was done with those two, I would think about getting just a few more and on and on it went.

These 28 days I have been in control of my eating.  I have felt full, satisfied and not deprived one bit. I have finally found peace in eating."


"I am really proud of myself for being able to stick with this way of life. Every time I look at a piece of bread I just think to myself, "one bite will kill you, don't do it".

Every few weeks I try on old clothes to see what will fit and the other day I put on a belt I haven't been able to wear in 3 years. It felt amazing. I was totally psyched and felt really good."


"I feel absolutely wonderful with my new eating pattern. I don't think of this as a diet but more a new healthy way of eating. Other times I have tried to eat well, I have been more like a yoyo with it. I now feel wonderful, awesome about myself and loving my body (which is a real fete for me), better energy and I LOVE the food."


"I am amazed at how life takes us on unexpected journeys that turn out to be successful. I am on day 30. As I reflect, I think about how I've always felt like I've failed at eating well. From day 1, a wave of freedom swept over me. I felt like I had been released from a prison that I chose to live in for so long. I am in control and free.I am so happy and so excited to move forward in continuing to be successful."


"It's been 6 months and I've just hit my 40 lb. mark. I'm happier and healthier than I've ever been. Funny, though, how yesterday I got an email from an old friend who I haven't seen in a few months. He saw a recent picture of me on Facebook. In one sentence, he said I looked, "very, very HOT," and in the next, he said, "please tell me you don't have an eating disorder."
Thanks, Tiffany!!"


"Tremendous feelings of gratitude.  This time last year I was dreading the warmer weather and facing the reality that my clothes were tight and I was out of control with my eating.

I have a sense of peace and satisfaction within myself that I don't think I've ever had."


"After last year's holiday season I was approaching the obese BMI catagory. This
year I am eating in control and am only 7 lbs from my goal weight. I lost
weight during Thanksgiving and didn't feel deprived or hungry, and I'm looking
forward to the same for Christmas. It is an amazing thing to wake up a week
after Thanksgiving and see the scale down! I have a lot of confidence in myself
and feel better about how I look, which makes it easier to handle all the
holiday activities.

I know longer worry about my weight, thanks to the Skinny Coach plan, I can now focus on the things that really matter in my life."


"I have just finished my first month on the diet and I lost 11 lbs and 29 1/2 inches. I definitely look better. My clothes are looser and just don't feel as tight. I am showing restraint with food I didn't know I was capable of."


"So, heading into the fifth month of plan and have to say, the day to day gets more and more manageable. Easier to shop, easier to eat meals out, easier to figure out how to feel the most full with the best combination of foods."


"Last year at this time I was feeling desperate. The holidays were approaching. I was training for a marathon. My running was not improving and my eating habits were out of control. Somehow I found Tiffany, the skinny coach, and now my life is back in focus. In the past year I learned the secret of being a skinny girl. Control what you put in your mouth. And really it is that simple.

Something I had forgotten over the years. In the past year I learned it is not hard to say no to sugar. And every time I say no, no to cake, no to candy, no to sugar that is hidden into every processed food item, I am making a choice to be a skinny girl.

Now it’s a year later, the holidays are once again approaching, and I am 40lbs lighter. I have no fear of what this season will bring."




"Today I weighed in at at 137. That makes 13.8 lbs in 2 months, but that is not the amazing part. I have lost a total of 24 inches! On my frame that is what makes the difference! I am 5′3 and 8 Inches of it has been in my belly alone. Can you imagine how good that feels? I fit in my skinny jeans already."


"I feel "cleaner" inside and can certainly tell the difference if something has sauce on it or butter at a restaurant. I start to feel greasy. Thank you, thank you for this new energy and pattern to live be."


"I resist doing things Tiffany's way. My inner brat wants to do it my way. My way, however, did not get me where I want to be, where I need to be. Tiffany's way works for me. I look better, I feel better, and I get compliments. So, DON"T GET SLOPPY. For me, it's all about the DISCIPLINE. Stick to the discipline."




"For years I've simply deleted her continuing ads about getting "skinny" (I don't even like that word.) However, after a life time of sugar addiction and compulsive eating, my weight started to creep up in the last couple of years (although mostly unnoticed on my 6 foot tall frame by anyone else) until I felt compelled to contact Tiffany.

We talked by phone and she had me take her online quiz (where I answered YES to questions like, "When you are at a party, are you consumed with thoughts of the food instead of the people?")
The plan allows you three hearty meals and an evening snack a day of whole foods with a low glycemic index. At the same time, you refrain from foods that spike your blood sugar level, plus a few others that are high in fat.

At the conclusion of the four weeks, I was delighted to learn I'd lost 9 pounds, including more than 4 inches from my waist. Encouraged by these results, I've continued eating according to the simple guidelines -- dropping more than 20 pounds and a pants size in just two months! My husband was so impressed with my progress and the good sense of the healthful plan, he started following my lead and we have now incorporated the guidelines for our family meals."

-Regan (mom of Mira 7+)

"Today is Day 140.  I'm attaching a picture from Day 1 and a picture from today.  I'm wearing the same clothes.  Day 1 you can see how tight and stretched they were and the picture from today you can see they are looser but I don't think the clothes do justice to how better shaped my body is now.I can't believe I'm at this day.  It seems to have gone very quickly.  I think about how miserable I was before I started.Chafing thighs, tight fitting clothes…I didn't want to buy new ones because I refused to admit I was a size 16.
Today I wear a size 8!!  I can't remember the last time I wore a size 8!"


"Wow! I am so happy to be here. I feel healthy, happy and thin. After so many discouraging attempts at weight loss after having my baby girl -- who is now a three year old toddler --I finally did it! I lost the damn baby weight! I LOST IT!!!!
No more hating trying on clothes, no more heart palpitations, no more struggling to go for a run. I am so so happy :)

Total Weight Loss: 23.7 lbs

Total Inches Lost: 61.75 -- can this even be true!?!

My husband can't stop complimenting me and grabbing me! Everyone notices and says how good I look. But most importantly, I feel just amazing.

Thanks Tiffany for the wonderful ride and for giving me hope when I felt like this was a hopeless situation."


"I was sick and tired of feeling run down and having no energy, feeling fat, walking with chafing thighs, having my stomach rest on the top of my thighs when I sat down.  I was tired of my youngest son not being able to put his arms around me when he gave me a hug.  I was tired of squeezing into my size 14 clothes and not being able to fit comfortably in them.    I was ready to give up the food fight and I was ready to take control of the food instead of the food controlling me.

It was a very quick transition for me and truthfully I have not struggled much.  Every so often I've had cravings and from talking with you, know that it might be that sugar creeped in somewhere.  Some people might not like the planning aspect of it but that is what I needed.  I needed to plan my food so that I knew exactly what to eat.  There is simplicity, safety and comfort in that for me.  I can't imagine going back to eating the way I did…ever!  Thank you Tiffany for developing the plan!  I am forever grateful!

I think the first month I was rather consumed with the physical planning of it all - the shopping, the preparing - but also a bit of a sense of loss for the foods I'd not be eating. Even as I knew I was glad not to eat them, still was a bit wistful. However, the first loss of weight was encouraging.

This month is more encouraging. I have been able to manage while traveling and also through stressful work. I have not been craving and I can feel the difference much more.  

And, I do like being in control and also basically acting like someone who is not obsessed with food. All those times I see skinny people who go to parties or events and are not concerned with the food and I feel like I can almost be one of them. That's nice."


"I feel like I have got my new eating patterns down into a routine, in a good way.  My eating during the week (both at work and at home) is really structured and I feel completely in control. I am not feeling the snacking need at all."


"Today is day 28 ... couldn't wait to get on the scale and see my results.

Roll of the drum!!!!! .................... I lost 23.5 inches overall on my body. 7 of which was between my waist, tummy and hips!!! Yeah man!!!!!!

Overall, I've lost 21.6 pounds. Incredible!!!! I haven't been able to lose that kind of weight in a year, not to mention 4 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most importantly, I feel better, more energetic and in control. Am I happy, oh yeah!

I guess I'm aspiring to be the new skinny girl after all. Still find that name to be a little uncomfortable, but I'm beginning to try it on for size (or lack of size ... hehehe).

This really motivates me to keep on keeping on. Have a great day."


"When I started the Skinny Coach program I did so with lots of doubts. Doubts that I could do it, resist my favorite foods, doubts that this plan actually worked, that I would actually lose the weight I'd been carrying for far too long. But my doubts have all been shattered by the simplicity of it all. I simply know what and when to eat. I am never hungry, in fact I am often full. I can watch others enjoy the foods that I used to overindulge in and just get pleasure watching them in their own respective enjoyment. I am thrilled and excited to see the weight literally "falling" off. I am thrilled and excited that I can see my own personal "goal" weight not too far off in the future. I can see i my near future, my glass of wine that I am going to so enjoy, as a skinny girl. I feel like I'll never ever have to worry about my weight again. Soon it will become a thing of the past. I have no more doubts. And I will spend the rest of my time feeling full, satisfied and skinny!"


"Today is weigh in day! I am down a total of 24 lbs, 46.25" and six sizes lost since beginning the Skinny Coach program!!!!!!!!! I am so happy.

It has been a wonderful journey thus far! I am amazed at the positive habits I have established in my life and the joy I have found in living a healthy lifestyle. I have had several people compliment me on not only my appearance, but the light that they say seems to now radiate from me. This is my new way of being and I love it! I look forward to continuing this lifestyle and maintaining it permanently!

Thank you for being my mentor and for walking with me through this journey!"


"I cannot thank you enough for helping me to get skinny and healthy again! I am seeing myself in sizes I haven't been in since high school. I thought I was skinny enough a size or two up from there, and never wanted to think very much about my eating habits and my weight. And eventually, of course, my weight crept up and up. Near the end of that time I was drinking one or two large Cokes a day, always assuming that I could just stop drinking Coke when I wanted to--and then I couldn't. I couldn't believe how much I wanted a Coke every day. I realized I never wanted to want a product that much again, and I finally called you.

You helped me through some tough early days partly through great coaching and shared commitment, but you also showed me how my other food choices, even some that are considered "healthy enough" by many, were sabotaging my efforts to get off of Coke and to get skinny. You helped me to rebuild my eating habits from the ground up, and to eliminate my cravings at the same time. And I didn't have to eat anything strange or prepackaged. I could feed my family the same food I was eating.

Fifty-six pounds later, I am at a great weight and maintaining easily--and I still get to eat a lot of food! I've never found small portions satisfying, even when I know the calorie count is right, so I'm grateful that you've developed a plan that gives me lots of choices and lots of food at each meal. My husband's weight is much better, too, and we're both so much healthier. I love that we're modeling good food choices for our kids before they get into the teen years--in other words, while they're still at home to see what choices we make. And they can see the difference, too, not just in our respective weights but in our energy level and moods. And I love that good choices are just habit now, and I can easily walk away from the carrot cake or the chocolates--and especially that I don't need a Coke to get through my day anymore!

Thanks, Tiffany!"




"It is so AWESOME to wake up in the morning and feel skinny instead of being bloated from last night's dinner. Thank you!!"


"I am currently on Skinny Coach and have lost a total of 47 inches throughout my body and have lost a total of 24.5 pounds. While these are great numbers, the most important thing that has occured during this process is the feeling of peace that I have finally found. Food is no longer my enemy. It has actually become my friend. I enjoy what I eat, don't look back, don't stew over what I just ate or shouldn't have eaten, and use food as a tool for energy and fuel. I feel grounded and prepared for the day, every single day by knowing what I am going to eat and not eating anything but what I have committed to eating. I am so much more in control of my life, my feelings, my children, my relationships and will never go back. Ever. And you really can say that on this plan - NEVER EVER!

Skinny Coach is really so simple. It makes perfect sense. There are no gimmicks. It is just real, whole, delicious food. Sugar is no longer an option for me. I don't crave it. Ever. And the peace stays with me. Always!

Thank you Tiffany! You have changed my life FOREVER!"


"I am on day 40 today -- and I have already lost a size-and-a-half. I started wearing size 12 clothes (maybe size 10 if I squeezed in) and now I am comfortably in my size 8 pants. But, equally as important and starting on day 1, I felt RELIEF -- no more guilt, disappointment, debating, or self-flagellation over my food choices. Now I have structure, discipline, and a practice around my food. This week, for the first time, I baked cupcakes with my kids and had a blast! Instead of eating all the batter, frosting, and candies and wishing I had never offered to bake anything with them, I got to bake and decorate cupcakes with my three and five year old and enjoy watching their eyes light up. It was great!"


"It’s been 4 months since I started “Skinny Girl”. I didn't think 4 months ago, that at this time of year I would be looking forward to the New Year 40 pounds lighter! This is the first time in years and years and years that I'm not going into the New Year with a resolution to ‘go on a diet.’ I'm already living a new healthy way, I don't ever have to ‘diet’ again. I'm living the eating plan and have found with each day, I get a little stronger and more energetic. I used sweets and unhealthy foods as a way to sedate my emotions. Do I miss the cookies, cakes, and sweets … truthfully “no”. If I'm going to celebrate or feel any emotion, I want to do it fully aware and not in a food coma. I can now identify feelings without regretting what I just ate, while wondering what damage I've done to myself.

So what is my resolution for the new year? It’s to continue to be gentle with myself, continue to eat the healthy skinny girl way and continue to love life . (It’s also to continue to shop for clothes!)

My husband and I have booked a trip to Mexico in May. I'm looking forward to being in a swimsuit and having the energy to hike, zip-line and surf with everyone else! “My life is rockin’!”

What have my numbers been just over the last 30 days? I'm down another 5.2 pounds and another 5.5” throughout my body. The last time I was this weight, was over 7 years ago. This is the eating plan for me. I still have about 40 pounds to go, but it’s no longer about the numbers. It’s about the steady day to day choices to continue to live and eat healthy."


"Wow! I am so happy to be here.I feel healthy, happy and thin.  After so many discouraging attempts at weight loss after having my baby girl -- who is now a three year old toddler –I finally did it!  I lost the damn baby weight!  I LOST IT!!!!

No more hating trying on clothes, no more heart palpitations, no more struggling to go for a run.I am so so happy :).Total Weight Loss: 23.7 lbs.Total Inches Lost:  61.75 -- can this even be true!?!

My husband can't stop complimenting me and grabbing me! Everyone notices and says how good I look.  But most importantly, I feel just amazing.Thanks Tiffany for the wonderful ride and for giving me hope when I felt like this was a hopeless situation."


"I am on day 81 and it is a relief. I have lost over 30 inches and 20 pounds and I LOVE Skinny Coach!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"




"1. Fitting into a pair of pants I haven't worn for three years. They slid right on, and I am shallow enough to admit that I gave out a faint cheer. They were three years behind the fashion, of course, but who cares about that -- they fit!

2. Having enough energy for my kids so that when, at the end of the day, I'm ready to blow my stack, I manage to reach down inside and find some patience, rather than reaching into the cupboard and finding some snickers.

3. Still being able to bake for others. I was a huge baker, I would bake whatever I wanted to eat and then eat it. I blamed the necessity for cookies on my kids, but they would rather eat an Oreo any time, so I ate most of it. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to resist snickerdoodles, cakes, etc, but it was fine. I watched them all eat it and was glad it was good, and walked away.

4. Discovering weird food combinations, for example, 2 boiled eggs (protein) mixed with 1/4 cup hummus (grain) and tossed with a cup of chopped tomato and a cup of chopped spinach (veggies) is completely delicious and creamy and wonderful. Who knew???

5. That last thing at night snack. Yoghurt and warmed up apple sauce, yoghurt and pureed peaches, yoghurt and mango.... yummy.

6. Getting up from a kneeling position without having to reach for the counter for support.

7. Getting a back ache and being able to stretch enough to get rid of it.

8. Catching my husband watching me get dressed and rather than saying 'what are you looking at?' in a somewhat defensive tone, just smiling at each other.

It's a lot to be grateful for."


"13 pounds the first 28 days is a start....cant wait for day 56 and beyond. Thanks Tiffany"


"The thing that continually amazes me about our program is that it is just real food. Yes, the fish oil, but I know it could work without it. That just helps.

Everytime I see those TV ads about surgery, supplements, buying some program's 'special food', or plans that call for a lot of prepared foods with artificial sweeteners, etc., I cringe. I want to shout, "Hey!! Just call Tiffany!"



"I had my first weigh in today and lost 11 pounds. I was so toxic and weighed down by garbage that I cant imagine why now.

The Skinny Coach diet for me is the way I want to eat and maintain a healthy example for my children.

Most importantly, with all the craziness that occurs in my life, the one thing that I can count on these last 30 days is I am taking care of me it's one less thing to worry about on my list, it's a relief in the morning and a relief at night."


"Today marks my 100th day on the Skinny Coach plan! I can't believe how much I have changed in just a little over three months! I tried my old size 12 pants on because my new size six pants were in the laundry. I thought I could wear them for the day while I washed my new pants. They were so big on me I could hardly believe they use to be my "skinny jeans" I have so much more energy and find myself just enjoying life! I love knowing this is my new way of life!"


"For the first time ever, I am headed into the New Year feeling GREAT about myself. Not only because I've lost 35 pounds in 4 months and look better than I have in 18 years, but because I've conquered my addiction, I have gained control of my eating for the first time EVER. The joy I feel about this accomplishment outshines even how good I look physically. I am most proud of what's happened to me on the INSIDE, even more than what's happened to me on the OUTSIDE. I am happy with myself for the first time in a very, very long time."


"Over the last 3 months I've lost a total of 34 pounds. I've gone from size 16-18-20 pants to some 12's. It feels good again to bend over and tie shoes without belly fat blocking my way. AND if feels good to walk without feeling aches in my knees. More importantly, it's showing up in my test results at the doctor. She has stated more than once, that she has never seen such good results.

So ... Onward. I'm entering a holiday season not worrying about what I can pick from buffets (if I even choose to eat at them.) and how much I'm eating. I have 84 days of good habits established and intend to go forward, using all the suggestions and ideas to empower myself and continue making good choices."


"Hi! Just finished Day 28! I lost 9 pounds and 22 inches! I am happy happy happy! I can't believe it is so easy to stay full, stay energized, eat healthy and NOT feel guilty all the time about my weight, my eating habits, and my failure to stay on a diet or healthy eating plan. My clothes fit better, I don't have "fat" days, and I am filling up a box of giveaways from my closet!

I feel such a sense of accomplishment for this past month and am looking forward to the next month and seeing more results. The best result is the pride I feel in my eating habits. I would never ever EVER have believed that this would be more important than just losing weight! I am ready for month 2 and reinforcing the good habits that I am developing!"


"Wow! When I started this I thought that a size 12 would be nice. I'm wearing a size 8 dress today (and look pretty good). I just want to thank Tiffany for everything I have learned and for all her patience, it has made such a difference!"




"I have been on plan for about nine months. I went sugar-free on my own almost one year ago and lost 25 pounds in six weeks. Then, I went on the full plan and have lost a total of 70 pounds. I have been stable for the past five months."



"I look great. I have lost more weight. I can see it in my face, my jeans, everywhere. And so can my husband. It is awesome! Thank you, thank you!"


"I just want to give a big thank you to Tiffany and Skinny Coach diet plan. I just did my first weigh in today (41 days) and I lost 9.5 pounds and 16.5 inches total off my body (4 1/4 inches off my waist). I encourage anyone who is struggling to try Skinny Coach, it really works!"


"I found the pants I wore in my "before" picture today. It was so cool to be swimming in them. I forget just how much smaller I am. I have already lost 65 pounds and still getting skinnier."



"I love over 18 pounds in only two months!"


"Yesterday was my 28th. day and I have lost 13.2 pounds and 25.5 inches!! Yay me!! For the most part, it has been easy to stay on the plan, however, Tiffany has helped me to stay on track and I can honestly say that knowing she is looking over my shoulder has really helped me. It's difficult to lose weight alone!!

I have a lot of living to do and I want to do it as a skinny person. I am happy and looking forward to my skinny life!! Oh, my toes are even skinny!! Lol!! Not only will I have to buy new clothes, but new shoes too.... Thank you Tiffany, you are truly an angel!"


"i had my first weigh in today and lost 11 pounds, and a lot of inches
i feel the difference in my body from the foods i have been enjoying
the raw vegetables and the grains have given me the fuel to get through the day.
i was so toxic and weighed down by garbage that i cant imagine why now
this diet for me is the way i want to eat and maintain a healthy example for my children.
Most importantly, with all the craziness that occurs in my life, the one thing that i can count on these last 30 days is i am taking care of me its one less thing to worry about on my list, its a relief in the morning and a relief at night."


"Today is my second month weigh in! I was down 10 lbs. Yeah! That makes a total of 25 lbs. I am going to have to get some new clothes. That is fine by me! When I first found this program I felt that it was way too expensive. Now that I have two months under my belt, I feel that Tiffany's price was well worth it. What's it worth to me? The money is long forgotten and insignificant compared to what I have gotten out of the program. My husband and I both thank you, Tiffany!"


"Tiffany is an amazing support system, has everything figured out for you and her system is truly failproof. You will be eating LOTS of healthy foods and will never feel deprived."


"Amazingly, even with a vacation in the middle, I managed to lose 12 more pounds putting my total to 24 pounds in all. I knew I had lost a lot, but had no idea it would be that much. What worked this month was simply staying the course and working the program. I did not deviate, but continued to write down everything the night before and then stuck to it the next day. It should be no wonder that I lost, but I am increasingly amazed at how easy it is to follow and lose with Skinny Coach."


"Today is day 41 and I'm surprised it's gone so well. I lost 11 pounds and 34 1/2 total inches!
I thought there is no way I can do this but I did. And then one day I woke up and I felt good and I continued to feel good during the rest of the day. I felt good about my choices and I felt good about myself.

I love that I can go to a party and I don't need to hang out near the food table and figure out much I can eat without looking like I'm eating too much.

I love that I can have my favorite foods in the house but not eat them.

I love that I eat my dinner and snack and then don’t need to add snacks like chips and ice cream to my diet.

At times I miss my old food, but I don't miss my old body."


"I wanted to share that after 58 days on the Skinny Coach plan I'm 16 pounds lighter and 22 inches smaller! I can't believe how much I've been able to achieve in such a small amount of time. :)"



"I am working on getting rid of around 35 lbs. since my baby was born - she's 10 now! So I decided to try Skinny Coach.

I don't mean to sound like a commercial here... but I am losing weight, I am NOT hungry, I am eating balanced meals and I AM HAPPY. I just finished my first month. I have lost 11.5lbs!

I really am excited and impressed and I feel so much better about me. Tiffany is an excellent coach and I wouldn't have done this without her."


"Wow! I am so happy to be here. I feel healthy, happy and thin. After so many discouraging attempts at weight loss after having my baby girl -- who is now a three year old toddler -- I finally did it! I lost the damn baby weight! I LOST IT!!!!

No more hating trying on clothes, no more heart palpitations, no more struggling to go for a run. I am so so happy :)

Total Weight Loss: 23.7 lbs
Total Inches Lost: 61.75 -- can this even be true!?!

My husband can't stop complimenting me and grabbing me! Everyone notices and says how good I look. But most importantly, I feel just amazing.

Thanks Tiffany for the wonderful ride and for giving me hope when I felt like this was a hopeless situation."


"I got some great news from my physician today. My first lab work since starting on the plan showed that not only were my cholesterol numbers perfectly back into balance, but I no longer have early osteoporosis. She is very pleased, and so am I. Thank you, Tiffany!"


"Yes! I actually lost another 2 lbs, but I’m okay with that. J enjoying an occasional glass of wine and not suffering from any big cravings the day following.

I never dreamed that losing weight and staying skinny could be this easy. It’s a huge life lesson in the benefits of succumbing to a structure. Having a structure to live “from” makes life SO much easier and allows you to really propel forward. It’s such a secure feeling to have this structure to live within. It provides a solid, reliable foundation and has helped me to re-establish so much self trust. It’s allowed me to work exercise back into my life on a really consistent basis and I am actually enjoying it for the first time. These new commitments that I’m keeping are COMPLETELY for me, which is so empowering. Once you make one commitment (the skinny girl eating plan) and stick to it, it makes subsequent commitments (exercise) that much easier because you see how rewarding it is when you actually stay committed to something – in this case, your weight starts falling off and stays off!

In addition to looking and feeling great, I honestly think that the bigger thing for me is to be FINALLY relieved from the bondage of all of the crap that used to go on in my head. Should I eat this? Should I not eat this? Darn, I shouldn’t have eaten that, yadda, yadda, yadda. All of that is gone and my mind is clear. I never have to think about what I’m going to eat. I just follow the plan and it is so easy. I pack my lunches when I’m on the run all of the time now, and not only does it save money, but it saves all of the exhausting mental gymnastics of what should I eat? Just one of these, just one of those. No more regrets or feeling awful. FREEDOM!!!!

Thank you Ms. Skinny Coach Tiffany. I am FOREVER grateful."


"Ever since I have had kids I have been trying to lose some weight...

Actually, a lot of weight. Last year I worked out so hard with a trainer, but was still eating the way I usually did and after 2 months of grueling workouts, I only lost 5 inches...I never believed how important food is with regards to losing weight...I like to exercise so I thought I could just lose weight with my workouts.

Then I met Tiffany...With Tiffany's support and plan over the past 28 days I have lost 6 lbs and 7 inches overall."


"I've just made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas without gaining an ounce -- and better. Not only did I not gain, but I've lost about 30 pounds and even clothes that were too tight for me earlier in the fall are too big for me now. The best part, though, is that it wasn't difficult. Right now, there's a bowl of peanut butter cups, Hershey's kisses and mini candy bars in a bowl on my table. There's pumpkin pie in my fridge and four different kinds of ice cream in my freezer (all kinds I like). I know I like those things, and I'd usually be enjoying them a little too much, but I won't be eating them -- and it's not a huge effort.

My husband is thrilled that I've found a plan I can stick with and that's working so well. He says it's miraculous -- I look just like the girl the married! I had gotten used to being invisible as a fat woman. I've found the Skinny Coach plan to be absolutely life-changing. I love that I'm not tortured by food at all anymore. It's seems amazing to me."

80 down and is still losing

"On my day 28 I lost 10 pounds 19 inches. This month, despite the fact that I lost my nanny, my husband lost his position at work and a host of other problems came around the bend, I did not emotionally eat once. I ignored the chocolate cake, the cookies and the nachos and I didn't even think about it. For the first time in my life I didn't go to bed feeling guilty about what I ate or angry at myself for what I ate. I choose now; food doesn't choose me."


"I can't believe that I've been living a sugar free life for 5 months. Some days have been a breeze. And some have had they're challenges. I have had nightmares about failing, but have continued to progress in my adventures to become a skinny girl. A week ago I had ones of those moments where I just felt wonderful in my body. I couldn't exactly say what the difference was, but I felt lean, light and airy all at the same time.

Today I am 142 days sugar free, and counting…"


"My eating was OUT OF CONTROL! I was like a drug seeker, going to parties for the food, going to Costco for the food samples and planning, not healthy meals, but the junk that I would get while grocery shopping for late night snacks.

My health was affected, I was hypoglycemic with all the after affects of inconsistent blood sugar. My thirst mechanism was so weak that I was constantly dehydrated which caused terrible constipation. I had mood swings and in general didn't feel very stable, relying on food, mostly high fat/sugary foods to quell my emotional swings. I also hated the way I looked, I didn't feel sexy and I really felt out of control.

I started the Skinny Coach Plan so that I could gain some control over food and to create a better relationship with eating. It has been POWERFUL.

My family is eating better and I am much more stable emotionally. I love that I am not eating all the time, and that with the Skinny Coach plan, I have a food plan so that I don't have to think about eating and then rely on spur of the moment poor choices! Now, instead of obsessing about food, I can do more in my life!

As a side note, I lost 16.6 lbs in 28 days plus 21 ¾ inches my first month!"



"Thank you so much for being there for me today, especially this afternoon.  It was a huge revelation for me and one of the issues that I was hoping I would be able to deal with while going through the program with you on a daily basis.  I had a good cry and then was able to enjoy trick or treating with my kids after eating a healthy dinner.  Interesting how I didn't have any urge at all to hit the candy.  Life is definitely stressful right now and it's going to be interesting to see how I go through it without my old crutch...but finally becoming aware that it truly was my crutch was a big deal for me and I'm happy to have given it up."


"Wow! 8 lbs and how many inches?! Last night's weigh-in was exciting!

I worked hard last month, sticking to the plan and eating super-healthy food choices. I was really wanting some foods that are off the plan, but those commitment emails helped keep me on track. I love having more energy and just feeling better, and having a clearly defined waist again is fabulous! And while I'm not a bikini size, I'm actually looking forward to trying on last season's swimsuit--it is going to look so much better. I've got a big get-together with my husband's family coming up this summer, and I'm feeling really good about how I'll look then.

I'm also looking forward to sandal season. I can see in my feet that I've lost weight, and I'll feel pretty wearing sandals again.

Thank you again for everything, Tiffany!"


"I have been on plan for more than a year. My weight comes of slowly so total loss is 37lbs. I went from a size 12/14 to a size 4.

When I started I had trouble understanding how to cook what I liked. About 30 days in I found it easy to plan and cook. I travel a lot and do not always have the ease of getting to a market, so planning my grain and protien is a must for me."


"I feel good, really really good. Lighter, healthier and happier.

When I go for a jog now, I don't feel like I'm lugging around all of this weight. I feel light and like I can run for much longer. When I am done with my jog, I feel happy inside.

I don't have night sweats anymore or mood related swings do to sugar highs and lows. My cholesterol has gone down nearly 30 points and all of my blood work came back normal this year unlike last year.

When I'm driving and I look down at my thighs, they appear half the size. I fit into my little black dress from pre-pregnancy and I look GOOD in it.

I could cry, I thought I was never going to be here again and now here I am.

I have a little more weight to lose but as Tiffany says, this is for life, so it will come of as it does and in the mean time I will enjoy being skinny and healthy, forever!!!!"


"I had been having severe gastrointestinal problems every morning for the past 3 years and the last 10 days have been pain free. This dietary change has made me feel so so good, I can't thank you enough!"


"I am 13.6 pounds and 27 1/4 inches healthier than I was a month ago. Good numbers but that doesn't include the things that I can't measure. I am healthier and more active. I interact more with my kids. I relate better with my spouse.

I found the plan to be relatively simple and I got to eat what often looked like a huge amount of food. I felt like I was eating more meat than before. I enjoyed discovering a couple of new meals and I loved starting and ending the day with smoothies. I found one tea that was awesome -- not soda not beer but tea! (Tazo Zen Green Tea with lemongrass and spearmint)

I didn't feel hungry as often as I thought I would. When I did feel hungry I found that more tea and water usually sufficed.

I don't remember feeling any cravings although I did look at some foods and think "Hmmm. I like that. That tastes good." I had only one day where I was tempted to stray but I just didn't do it. I was at the movies and I *always* have food when I'm at the movies -- soda, popcorn, maybe a hot dog. I ended up just shutting it out and I was fine. I found it was more mental than physical.

I exercised every other day -- simple, in-home exercises that I could do in 30-45 minutes. I think the past month would have been significantly harder without the exercise for me. It bolsters me both physically and mentally -- and both are significant influencers of how and what I eat.

Tiffany -- thank you for helping get me here from where I was a month ago."




"On day 11, I can wear a pair of jeans I cound not even zip-up before - and with NO muffin top! I feel almost too good, I could get myself into some trouble."


"Today I am on day 16 and I woke up to find my waist again - I have not seen my waist for YEARS. Thank you. I appreciate it more than I can say!  Thanks for keeping me balanced through all of this!"


"Being on Skinny Coach has made my life so much easier. Especially during the holidays!! Since I have no cravings, a huge weight has been lifted, and I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything, and it's so easy to stay on plan!! This was my first holiday season on plan. For Thanksgiving my family went to Knotts Berry Farm. We brought our own lunch and dinner with us!! Although my husband and kids are not on Skinny Coach, they love the balanced meals I prepare for them, so I don't get any complaints. After Knotts we went to a friends house for desert. Only my husband had pie, while the rest of us had fun visiting!!!

For Christmas there were a couple dishes I didn't make this year because they are not on plan, but nobody complained. I did manage to make the most wonderful yam/sweet potatoes with coconut oil, and they were delicious...on plan, too!! My family LOVED them. But holidays are less about food now, and more about family, traditions and friendships.

For New Year's Eve our family tradition has always been to take home Chinese food and see what our fortunes said (while watching a New Year's Eve movie). But since Chinese food is not on plan, my family was very supportive, and decided to fore go that tradition!! Maybe next year I'll surprise them and I'll make our Chinese dinner...on plan!

It's been wonderful not to be always thinking and obsessing about food. In fact, since I have no cravings, I don't turn to food when I'm stressed!!! This is a HUGE change, I might add.

Thank you Tiffany."


"I've been telling anyone who will listen that for the first time since getting teeth, this was the first Halloween ever that I didn't have candy!!!"


"I lost 15 inches my first month and am just so happy that I don't have to worry about what to eat anymore. Following the Skinny Coach plan is so simple, even in times of travel, sickness and holidays."



"My first 28 days was a success in many ways, not only physically, 12 pounds, 27 inches later, but emotionally, i have lost all the cravings. there were many challenges this month, family and work, and nothing could distract me from the path on i am with my weight loss. this is something that i am going to do for myself. i feel good."


"This morning my jeans arrived from Neiman's. I slipped them on and they fit perfectly! Size 29!!! I started at a 32 in May when we began working together. The thing that amazed me more was that I got to see how skinny I have become. I wasn't able to shop for new clothes for a while, so I was hiding my new body in my old big clothes. Anyway I had to share because I'm so happy. Thank you!!"


"This first month I lost 15 lbs and 22 inches!
I am so happy to have had such a great first month!! I started out kind of shaky because I drank Coke a Cola all the time, about a six pack a day. I loved junk food to go with my Coke. It took about 2 weeks to get used to having no coke or junk food. When I started to feel better after two weeks, it became a lot easier and I began to like the Skinny Coach menu. It is all about following my plan and sticking to it! I look forward to the second month and losing even more weight! Thanks again, Tiffany, for all your support"


"I had my very first weigh-in today and I am overwhelmed! Sure, I knew weight was coming off. Sure, I had even had people comment with things like, "You look like you have lost weight. What are you doing?" But I had no idea what was going on in my body. It was like opening a present. You can see the beautiful wrapping covering a big box. You can shake it and hear it rattle inside. You can try to guess what is in there. No matter how many times I have guessed I always get it wrong. Unless the box only looks like one thing: a cd or something like that. Anyway, I opened the biggest gift today! My weight and measurements! I lost 9 lbs! And: 16.75"!!!!!! ! I cannot believe how proud I feel! I haven't felt this happy with me in a very, very long time! I have many more things I am dying to write but I am falling asleep on my computer. I promised Tiffany I would write up something tonight but i will write more soon."

-Tiffany P.

"I'm loving how not preoccupied with food I am easy it is for me eat. Every other "diet" that I've been on was just that and I'd be doing it and thinking "thank God I only have to do this for __ days" and this is totally different. so thanks - you've made my life easier :)"




"Wow ... Thank you for your method! I'm definitely shedding! Things are fitting better & I feel smaller! I'm finding it quite easy to stay away from flour & sugar, who knew it could be so easy. I love the Skinny Coach smoothie, I have that most mornings! I've also gotten into a nice groove of throwing out my kids leftovers instead of munching. I'm not missing the foods that I'm now avoiding!

Again, thank you!"


"Wayne and I are both looking great AND feeling great. Some of the clothes I couldn't even get into when I started this are now too loose. To be honest, I never really expected this degree of success. And Wayne is really impressive: not only is he thinner, but he's much more active. He's stepping up for yard chores I figured he'd never do. The "makeover" is extending into our whole lives!"

-Becky and Wayne, married

"In one month I lost 9lb loss and 22 inches! I know I can live with this plan. I have found the Skinny Coach plan to be easy to follow, it has taken me back to healthy, controlled eating. I love that I am providing delicious healthy food for my family. AND I'm looking forward to this summer and getting into a bikini!"


"My husband is thrilled that I've found a plan I can stick with and that's working so well. He says it's miraculous --- I look just like the girl he married! I had gotten used to being invisible as a fat woman. I've found the Skinny Coach plan to be absolutely life-changing. I love that I', not tortured by food at all anymore. It's seems amazing to me. Size 12 505s are on my tiny butt right now. Thank you so much! :-) I think I'm going to be in single digits eventually -- which I could never have imagined."




"I love that I don’t feel like I am constantly thinking about what I should eat, can’t eat or shouldn’t have eaten. I love not having that guilt in my life. I love having a plan every day. I love that if the green beans are moldy, I can swap it for broccoli. I love that my husband told me today that in my simple outfit of jeans and sweatshirt, I looked skinny! I love that I don’t feel full of gas and air. I love that my skin feels smoother and clearer. I love that my friends all want to hear about my diet, but that I don’t have to involve people if I don’t want to. I love that I haven’t had to buy lunch out every day because I don’t always enjoy it. I love TJ’s steamed lentils, but have to force myself not to eat them every day. I love that my daughter scarfed down all her asparagus and green beans last night, along with the brown rice, but didn’t eat all the salmon so there is some left over for me to use for lunch tomorrow!. I can’t believe I am actually drinking green tea (still don’t like it, but I am drinking it). I love that even after a horrible day at work, when all I wanted when I got home was a glass of wine, I was able to say no. I love that I was able to have a fantastic time at a party, only drinking Pellegrino. I loved experiencing the contact high that my friend Amy talks about. I love that I dream of hot fudge sundaes, but am not craving them when I awake. I love when my daughter says she doesn’t want me to lose all my squishy bits. I love that I can walk through the kitchen at work and not stop to graze or ponder the items on display. I love that fish oil takes away the afternoon munchies. I love that I wake up with my tummy growling. I love greek yogurt. I love fresh tomatoes. I love that you get 2 for 1 lettuces at the farmer’s market after 1pm. I love that in 27 more days I get to be weighed and measured again!"


"Tiffany, this morning when I pulled on my jeans, I heard myself say, "This is pretty amazing." And it is amazing that I am wearing jeans, without an elastic waist, without thunder thighs. I have never shed pounds this easily, and have never before KNOWN they would stay off. Forever. Thank you for Skinny Coach."


"I started the Skinny Coach program 28 days ago and today was my first weigh-in. I was really scared while I was anticipating Tiffany’s arrival. Even though I stuck to the plan on the toughest days (had to survive an abrupt breakup), I really didn’t think I was going to be happy with my results. However, I am ECSTATIC!!! I lost 11.4 lbs and a whopping 25” I was recently diagnosed with polycystic ovary disease and insulin resistance (talk about sugar and flour cravings) which actually causes obesity and depression, so I never thought this food plan would work. I’ve studied health, nutrition and diet voraciously over the past two years: did many cleanses…extremely expensive..one was $3,000 for 3 weeks with a ton of additional costs for the powders and supplements. I tried going vegan, raw, macrobiotic, had food allergies assessed, the acid-alkaline diet, EVERYTHING and this is the ONLY food plan that works, especially for someone like me who’s life and health depends upon it. While I still have my tough days, the plan is really pretty easy and I’ve lost my completely lost my total OBSESSION with food and weight because I know what my limits and proportions are and I exercise regularly. Plus, it’s worth every penny and way more affordable than any other nutritionist/health plan that I’ve seen. I have a ton of energy, my depression has lifted and I’ve seen other areas of my life improve as well.

I am so grateful for Tiffany and the Skinny Coach food plan and I’m committed for life!"



"After losing my weight and keeping it off over a year, I am still amazed at the difference in my body. I used to hate shopping for clothes. I dreaded how I might look in the yucky lights and I never knew my size and of course, my size was going up and up. What was so amazing is that I fit into sizes that I have not seen since high school - and i have been pregnant 3 times since then!"


"I am now at the point where the pants I couldn't get into (when I started the diet) are now practically falling off! I love being skinny (Tiffany was right again)!"


"Yes! I had my daughter's birthday party today and DID NOT EVEN NEED A PIECE OF CAKE. Thank you very much!!!!!"


"I just had a profound realization. These last few years I've been walking around with all of this extra weight thinking that this was just going to be my life. Now, for the first time, I feel a glimmer of hope that I will get to feel pretty again and comfortable in my body. Every time I think about this, I crack a small smile. I feel hope for the first time in a long time and it is a beautiful thing."


"Last weekend I had a yard sale and got rid of several sizes of clothing (and made a little money)--and now I've got a cleaned out closet and some new, skinny clothes! The compliments just keep coming, and I feel so good. Now when someone asks me if I miss such-and-such a food, I say, "Yes, but not as much as I like being skinny!"

Especially nice are the compliments from my in-laws, who just can't stop talking about how great I look. My mother-in-law says that I'm prettier now than I was when I got married, and my father-in-law says I'm looking like a young woman.

I love success! Thank you, Tiffany!"


"To say I was reluctant and scared is putting it mildly in starting Tiffany’s Skinny Coach program. Did I put it off, yes I did. No matter how much I wanted to lose this weight, I didn’t think it was possible. I was afraid in the beginning to make such a huge commitment. I must say that Tiffany was understanding and supportive during this process of “oh yeah, any day now.” Well gratefully the day did arrive and tomorrow it will be one 1 full week. And, I am the most surprised. To give up all the foods and drink that I relied on, initially seemed impossible. But frankly this week, shockingly to me, it is no big deal. Also, Tiffany really made the point unequivocally about accountability. I have never been accountable to anyone including myself regarding food and my wanting to eat and drink everything in sight. Even when a doctor would say, “I would be careful about this or should consider that”. Hell no! Food and wine was my coping, my dealing with the world. But we all come to a time of reckoning and here at this extremely crucial time in my life, I gratefully happened to find Tiffany and her Skinny Coach program and now I am a Skinny Girl.

This first week has been monumental for me. I did it, not only did I survive, but it was easy….just as Tiffany said it would be. My initial reaction to her description was…yeah…sure, sure. But, seriously as mentioned, tomorrow it will be the beginning of my second week and I can do this. I have cried, laughed, and now can hardly wait to hear Tiffany say daily…”how you doing Skinny Girl?”. Wow, that’s going to be me. That is me! As Tiffany has pointed out…that is who we are inside. So for the first time in my life and I ain’t no spring chicken…I know this is possible now: I am skinny girl!

Thank you Tiffany, for an amazing life-changing program and for your unwavering commitment and support to all the “Skinny Girls” out there."


"When I first heard about the Skinny Coach plan, I thought it was too good to be true. I've struggled with weight my entire life and have tried endless diets, training, and exercise. At times I was successful, but it was the only thing I could do in my life - count calories and exercise like crazy. And of course, when I no longer had the time to devote to that way of life, the weight (and more!) came rubber-banding back. I have two small kids and knew that this time I couldn't spend an hour a day at the gym and even more time trying to figure out fat to carb-to-protein ratios. The women who were on the plan said that it was really easy, but I didn't see what was so different about this program.

Within the first week on elemenatlyou I instantly knew the difference. My entire food-obsessed way of living had been freed. The guilt, the justification, the counting, the hiding, was all gone. I instantly felt better and knew that I was on my way to a healthy body. Instead of feeling guilty and ashamed and trying to undo the damage of whatever I had eaten earlier in the day, I am now able to spend time enjoying my family and fix one quick and healthy meal that we all enjoy.

Friends have asked me about the cost of the plan. While it may initially seem like a lot of money, especially in “this economy,” when you add up all of the individual time that Tiffany spends with you, the daily contact and the plan itself, it breaks down to a really affordable rate. I don't even have to pay a babysitter since Tiffany comes to my house for menu planning and individual meetings! I've definitely spent far more money on trainers and classes that were only temporary fixes, and I've already noticed a decrease in my grocery bill! I saved almost $75 on the first trip. We are now eating the food that I buy and saving money by not purchasing junk food. Tiffany's fee felt like it was an investment in myself and my family.

In Tiffany's commitment to her clients as well as her belief and true desire for her clients to be free of the chains of yo-yo dieting and food obsession, she has created an easy plan that works for normal, busy women."


"My first month as a skinny girl has been very interesting. When I started the plan 32 days ago I was desperate, a little scared about the possibility of failure again, and FAT. I was not sure at all about what I was getting into. If I would be able to follow Tiffany's rules to lose weight, and meet the challenges that would come with the journey.

But the first day came and a new mantra imbedded itself on my brain. I can't have that, and I don't want it. It's like I woke up one morning and everything was clear. I knew how to eat, when to eat, what to eat. I found out I had the tools all along to lose weight, but need the key to get the info from the lock box.

In the past 4 week's my life has been a little like Mr. Toads wild ride. Sick parent, work-related stress, property taxes and the house that goes with it. But the one thing that has been consistent is food. I have learned in the past month that no matter how crazy life gets, I need to understand that what I put in my mouth is under my control. And that I have decided to not abuse my body by masking feelings with food. And that being hungry is OK.

Today is day 32 for me and I am a skinny girl!"


"It has been so awesome so far! I feel so free...I am a firm believer that freedom comes with discipline but this doesn't even feel hard once I got past my initial fears! I am blown away at how great I feel and how easy it has been! Thank you Tiffany!"


"When I started Skinny Coach I was very stiff and sore in the joints. No amount of exercise would make it stop. The joint soreness was attributed to leftover pregnancy hormones. I just kept crossing my fingers that the soreness would go away with time, however, after eight months it was still there and, if anything, was much worse. My clothing didn’t fit at all and I was having to buy continually larger sizes. I had cravings for sweets that were often uncontrollable. I was tired most of the time. Even with a newborn, I just never seemed to feel rested. Although I exercised every day, I just never seemed to feel good about it or good because of it.

I was very strict about planning my meals and calling Tiffany everyday and I reminded myself every day that I have had the sweets and now I am going to be skinny. Now, just 28 days later, I am no longer stiff or sore in my joints. The difference began about 3 days post sugar/flour eating. I no longer have to gather strength to stand up, or walk for a few steps to loosen my joints so that I am comfortable walking. My sprint 8 workouts and weight workouts are so much easier and more effective. I can walk the dog every day without feeling sore and stiff afterwards. My children are grateful that I have more energy."


Tomorrow is 50 days!!! Un- believable!!! Wearing pants that I haven't been able to wear for awhile and saying goodbye to others. I am grateful!


"Wow! I have never been on an eating plan that I've stuck with for so long. Every day it feels just like a regular day and I'm not doing anything special, except I am!

Measurements for this month have me down 6.5 inches overall (mostly in my hips/thighs/calves)
I put on 2 inches in my waist, why would that be?

Most importantly, I FEEL GREAT!!!

My life is so incredibly stressful right now and yet, this is one part of my life that isn't. I'm not beating myself up in a mirror because of how I look. I'm not feeling sluggish because I'm not eating right. I feel I have one area of my life that I can control. That is empowering."


"Today is my 28th day on the Skinny Coach program. I can't call it a diet because it is a true lifestyle change. In 28 days I've lost just under 5 pounds and more than 18 inches! Tiffany says to look at the inches and not the weight because it means I lost all fat and no muscle...horray! I called Tiffany more than a month ago because I decided that I was ready to get my eating issues under control. Within a week of starting Skinny Coach, I couldn't believe that I already felt more in control. It truly is up to me and the choices I make. Halloween was a couple weeks ago and it was the first Halloween in my life that I didn't have a single piece of candy, furthermore, I had no desire to eat it. Who would've thought? I'm eating more fruit and veggies consistently than I ever have before. I'm setting a really good example for my children. They eat the same food that I do. I enjoy shopping and reading labels. I've eaten out once already and stayed on it, I have an overnight hospital stay coming up and already know how I'll navigate it and in a month I go on vacation for a week and KNOW that I will come back weighing less than when I left. If this first month is any indication of where I'm going from here, it's all up! Or should I say, down in weight! Skinny is truly the way to live!"


"All my clothes fit again and yesterday I sorted out my bathing suits. They all--amazing!!!--looked great and even the bikini was do-able! Wow!"


"I have always been an admitted sugar addict (with no guilt attached!!). I’ve enjoyed 43 years of indulgence in chocolate, cakes, cookies, donuts, ice cream, candy, sweets of all sorts, breads galore (white flour turns into sugar in your system) and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

But! It was time to start taking care of myself. I started Tiffany’s sugar-free way of eating almost six weeks ago and aside from losing about 12 lbs and 19 inches, even more amazing to me is, during the holiday season, to be able to bake cookies, build gingerbread houses (with white sugar frosting all over my hands and never lick them!), stand next to tables of crazy desserts, and never feel like indulging. It is really mind boggling to me and so satisfying at the same time.

Sugar is just a habit. That’s all. Who knew it could be so easy?

If you’re ready to start taking care of yourself and let those unneeded, unhealthy pounds just start falling off of you, there is really no better time than RIGHT NOW!! It will make your holiday season so much easier and you will definitely be looking killer in your bikini come springtime.

Email Tiffany for more info at tiffany@skinnycoach.com. She is an amazing support system, has everything figured out for you and her system is truly failproof. You will be eating LOTS of healthy foods and will never feel deprived."


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