Sugar makes you stupid

Sugar makes you stupid. Rats who ate an omega-3 deficient diet were slower at completing a maze, and those who drank a fructose solution, instead of water, were the most stupid of all.

Strangely, omega-3s seem to have a pretty impactful role in the metabolizing of sugar. The rats who had a diet without omega-3s had higher triglycerides, glucose, and insulin levels, and showed a decrease in synaptic activity, which is critical for learning and memory. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get omega-3s naturally and the American diet does not provide much. This is why The Skinny Coach Solution recommends omega-3s as part of the program. The research shows that omega-3s protect our brains from the harmful effects of fructose.

No one will tell you not to eat sugar more quickly than the Skinny Coach, but did you know that I also highly recommend omega-3s? New research has shown that rats who have eaten a diet high in omega-3s were faster in solving a maze; in fact, without omega-3s a decrease was shown in synaptic activity. Bottom line, the mice were slower.

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