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Skinny saves (you money!)

I help women lose weight and take control of what they put in their mouths. After a potential client has poured her heart out to me, cried, laughed and told me that she is ready to get skinny and that Skinny Coach is perfect for her, sometimes the next thing she says is “I can’t afford it.” Money is on everyone’s mind these days. Nevermind that McDonald’s stock went up 10% this quarter (they are “lovin’ it!”)

Economic hard times push people to eat cheaper food and what could be cheaper than the fast food dollar menus. Hard times also produce stress and stress leads people to self-medicate. The drugs of choice for many, when self-medicating, are sugar, fat and refined foods. But make no mistake about it, your health is your most important asset and being overweight taxes your health and life in so many ways; naming ALL of the costs of being overweight would make this a novel – not a blog entry. But some of the costliest, and most obvious side effects of being overweight include: overweight people are more likely to have diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke.

Being overweight not only burdens your health, it is a burden on your purse. What are some of the costs of being fat? Well, aside from the fact that eating more costs more, there are many other costs associated with being fat. If you are overweight you are less likely to get hired and once hired you will get paid less. In fact, fat people tend to make less money and accumulate less wealth in their shorter lifetimes than their skinny counterparts. It chips away at your earning power and efficiency – and happiness. There’s some research that suggests that overweight people are even less likely to be married and stay married.

I found this at:
Here’s how they add up the savings:

* Latte factor: $783
* Life insurance: $275
* Health insurance: $680
* Health-care costs: $151
* Employer incentives: $600

If you took these savings each year and invested them at 8%, in 20 years, you’d have almost $114,000. Do it for 30 years and it’s $282,000. 40 years gets you $645,000. This makes getting skinny pocket change. Can you really afford not to take care of your health and body? I say start saving money… it is your body and you deserve skinny.

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5 Skinny Tips for Thanksgiving

Poor Tiffany

People always look at me in dismay when the issue of Thanksgiving comes up. They feel a deep sense of sadness for “Poor Tiffany, you know she doesn’t get to eat any pumpkin pie for dessert.” Sometimes people who have not known me as long are assured that I must indulge at least once a year for the holidays. I am happy to assure them that yes, I indulged for the holidays for years. Before Skinny Coach I had pumpkin pie, pecan pie, spiced nuts, mixed nuts, chunks of cheese…. I had stuffing and gravy and seconds and thirds, I had rolls and cranberry sauce and hot toddy and egg nog. Yes, I know how to indulge. Yes, I have indulged. Yes, I weighed well over 200 pounds.

Now, I don’t eat, even one bite of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving day and I am fine. I have had enough pumpkin pie. I have had so much pumpkin pie over the years of my fat life that I can actually remember the taste. I had enough pumpkin pie. Now I have skinny. Now I don’t have to unbutton my pants after Thanksgiving dinner. Now, I can go for a walk while everyone else is comatose in front of the TV. Now, I am not too tired to get up the next day. Now I am not upset about how much I ate or disgusted by my failed attempts to only have one serving. Now, I can wake up the next morning for the big shopping day and slip into my skinny jeans and have a quick Skinny Coach smoothie and go shopping.

Do I feel sorry for myself? No.

Yes, the stuffing and pie all look and smell yummy, but I just don’t eat that anymore and in exchange I get to be skinny. I have had enough pumpkin pie, I am trying skinny now.

Skinny Girl Thanksgiving Dinner
Holiday Spiced Brown Rice
Spinach Salad
Roasted Cauliflower

If you would like 5 Skinny Tips for Thanksgiving dinner write me.

Labor Day Food

Did you make any promises to yourself at the start of the summer? Maybe you wanted to fit into a new bathing suit. Maybe you wanted to wear suits without feeling embarrassed. Maybe you just wanted to lose some weight and enjoy the summer without feeling so hot all the time.

With the long Labor Day weekend coming up, the summer comes to a close. And what happened to your summertime resolution? If you’re like a lot of people May came and went and so did your new diet. Maybe you stayed strong for a week or two and then it was right back to your old habits. Why did you fail? Why was this summer the same as last summer?

It could be that you suffer from food addiction.

This holiday weekend people will fire up their barbeques for the last time and picnic tables will be overloaded with pasta salad, desserts, and chips. How does this make you feel? Are you worried about self control at your block party? Will you obsess about the food at your family picnic? Do you feel guilt and shame about the way you behave at potlucks?

These are all classic signs of addiction.

Addiction is a scary word, but if you consume sugar and refined flour, your body is addicted to it in just the same way an alcoholic is addicted to alcohol or a heroin addict is to heroin. Sugar and flour trigger chemical responses in your brain. Sugar and flour make you feel good and, with repeated use of these substances, your brain begins to crave more and more sugar and flour to be satisfied. When you try lose weight, you go through chemical withdrawal. Your brain increases these cravings, making weight loss difficult, if not impossible.

But you can change. This Labor Day can be a turning point for you. You don’t have to be a prisoner of your cravings.

Why wait another day to feel better about your body? Why spend another summer hiding? Why put off becoming your Skinny Self? You owe it to your family to be healthy. You owe it to your friends to have more energy. Most of all you owe it to yourself to be the person you want to be.

The Skinny Coach Solution offers you a personal weight loss program. Your brain needs to be re-trained. Your lifestyle needs to overhauled. The Skinny Coach will help you identify your eating triggers and change the way you react to food. You WILL break your addiction. You WILL change your life. You WILL be your Skinny Self.

So, will this Labor Day mark the end of another summer of disappointment and failure? Or will be it the start of a new you?

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Staying Skinny Over the Holidays

I love Christmas and the holiday season! Every decoration, all the music, and the food – I love the sights and smells of all the holiday goodies. My skinny girls and I do not eat these foods anymore because they trigger overeating and out of control behavior for us. But, not everyone has to give up holiday treats to stay skinny. Here are some tips to keep your skinny.

1. Eat three meals a day. It is especially important to eat breakfast. You might think that you are saving calories but in fact you have over 400% chance of being overweight if you are a breakfast skipper. Eating all your meals will help you from binging on more fattening foods.

2. Eat enough protein, at every meal. Protein will keep you full longer and keep your blood glucose levels stable which will keep your cravings at bay. Some good protein sources are yogurt, chicken, raw walnuts or eggs.

3. Don’t drink your calories. Skip the juice, energy drinks, sports drinks and especially soda. Alcohol is particularly devastating on the waistline. It completely stops the metallization of fat while the alcohol is being processed.

4. I just read about a study that found that eating an apple before breakfast, lunch and dinner resulted in 14 pounds lost in 12 weeks! How easy is that.

5. Get enough sleep. Sleeping at less than 8 hours a day can alter levels of hormones that regulate hunger, causing an increased appetite and a preference for high calorie foods.

6. My favorite tip is to walk around the block every time you put something in your mouth.

Happy Holidays!

If you want to LOSE WEIGHT OVER THE HOLIDAYS email or call me now at 310-633-1333 and save before the life time membership goes up in cost.