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Staying Skinny Over the Holidays

I love Christmas and the holiday season! Every decoration, all the music, and the food – I love the sights and smells of all the holiday goodies. My skinny girls and I do not eat these foods anymore because they trigger overeating and out of control behavior for us. But, not everyone has to give up holiday treats to stay skinny. Here are some tips to keep your skinny.

1. Eat three meals a day. It is especially important to eat breakfast. You might think that you are saving calories but in fact you have over 400% chance of being overweight if you are a breakfast skipper. Eating all your meals will help you from binging on more fattening foods.

2. Eat enough protein, at every meal. Protein will keep you full longer and keep your blood glucose levels stable which will keep your cravings at bay. Some good protein sources are yogurt, chicken, raw walnuts or eggs.

3. Don’t drink your calories. Skip the juice, energy drinks, sports drinks and especially soda. Alcohol is particularly devastating on the waistline. It completely stops the metallization of fat while the alcohol is being processed.

4. I just read about a study that found that eating an apple before breakfast, lunch and dinner resulted in 14 pounds lost in 12 weeks! How easy is that.

5. Get enough sleep. Sleeping at less than 8 hours a day can alter levels of hormones that regulate hunger, causing an increased appetite and a preference for high calorie foods.

6. My favorite tip is to walk around the block every time you put something in your mouth.

Happy Holidays!

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