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9 Things You Could Say If You Were Thin

I’ve been in this business almost a decade and I have heard countless success comments. Here are some of those moments of sheer happy success. Allow yourself to feel how these thoughts would make you feel.

“My wedding ring fits just right.”
“I love running around the playground with my kids.”
“People are always telling me how good my skin looks.”
“I’m skinny.”
“I can wear whatever I’d like.”
“I never feel guilty from the foods I eat.”
“I’ll be alive to see my grandkids graduate.”
“I like sex again.”
“I feel like I can do anything now!”

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Money reality check

Thin, fit people make more money, we have known that for decades. A recent study in the Journal of Applied Psychology demonstrated that weight has a significant impact on a woman’s pay – the fatter you are the less money you make. In fact, skinny women make on average $22,000 more dollars per year than average-weight woman.

Now, before you get too upset, medical

research is also very clear, skinny women are healthier and live much longer lives than average-weight women. While it might not “be fair” and it might be discriminatory, it is certainly based on an assessment of what is healthy and not on an unrealistic or sick perversion of the female form.

I find this study particularly fascinating because I talk to women all the time that are desperate to lose weight, desperate to get skinny, know that the Skinny Coach diet will work and say they can’t afford it – they do not make enough money.

Maybe next time someone says that, instead of saying, “well, call when you are ready” or “you know losing weight will take years off your life” or “but you said you did not want to have sex with your husband because of your weight gain” or “but you said that you go to bed miserable every night and wake up and have nothing to wear,” or “but you were just told by your dr. that if you lost weight you would not have diabetes anymore” instead of all that, next time I hear “it costs too much” I will simply say that being fat can cost them $22,000 dollars a year!

If you are ready to get skinny. If you are ready to add years to your lifespan. If you are ready to want to get naked again. If you are ready to go to bed happy and wake up skinny with lots of things in your closet to wear. If you are ready to make more money – take the Skinny Coach quiz and we will make it all happen!

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