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What are your behavioral cues or triggers?

Losing weight is not about a diet or food plan. It certainly is not about an exercise plan. Losing weight is about changing your behavior. You have to design a life where weight loss is automatic. Changing your behavior is very difficult because you have associations, cues and triggers about food that are hard wired through repetition and reward pathways in the brain. If your unconscious eating habits are making you fat, sick and tired it is important to realize that the reason you can’t stay on a healthy eating plan is because you are not conscious of your underlying patterns. Therefore, while there are a number of ways to effectively help people change these patterns you first have to recognize them so then you can “reprogram” your behavior. Environmental triggers are by far the most common type of trigger. Seeing a bag of chips, chocolate chip cookie or the ice cream in the freezer is an obvious environmental cue to eat, eat more, eat too much. Shifting the unconscious choice is as simple as removing the trigger. Of course, first you have to have motivation to change, but assuming that is there – remove the ice cream and you have behavioral design! You have removed the trigger so you don’t eat it. Over time the association to even eat ice cream at home or at all begins to dissipate because you have not rewarded the association – thus you have behavioral change. Systematically identifying, removing and replacing your emotional and behavior association with food is a multi step proposition and usually requires help. I can help – schedule a time to discuss, id and narrow down your emotional eating patterns. There are lots of behavioral cues you have to deal with and I know them all. Let me help

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What Science Says about Losing Weight

Losing weight is not easy because by the time you are overweight your brain and your body bio chemistry has been altered permanently. By overeating sugar and flour you have literally changed the neurological structure of your brain and also damaged the hormonal systems that regulate hunger and fat storage. You must lose weight with a diet but you can’t stay on a diet when your biochemical drives are working against you. There must be a fundamental and complete change in intake and behavior and if YOU knew how to change your behavior, if you were able to change your behavior, you would not be overweight. Cognitive techniques and behavioral modification is a complicated science but when utilized effectively can actually solve the issue. You must identify and institute habits, stressors and situations that determine your behavior, you must develop strategies to avoid emotional eating and other eating triggers. You must institute plans, organization and structures that make it second nature to eat the correct foods. The brain and body can be re wired and fixed but it is not as simple as a diet. If you need help the Skinny Coach Solution not only is a health diet, not low fat, not low carb, free from processed foods that will help you lose a significant amount of weight fairly quickly – it is a set of techniques, skills, talk therapy, group support and behavioral re wiring that statistically is very very successful. If you would like to know more then I would like to offer you a complementary session – just click here, take the quiz and schedule a time to talk.
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