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Sugar is Not as Sweet as it Seems: Candy as a Kid Can Lead to Violence as an Adult

Britain have food a strong link between children who ate candy every day as a child and those who commit violent crime. They controlled for lifestyle, family income, parenting style and children’s level of education and sugar consumption remained a strong prediction of adult violence. The question is if this is due to something in sugar that increases aggressive behavior or if eating too many sweets is a sign of lack of discipline in childhood that later shows up as lack of impulse control. What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts.

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Is Cereal making your kid stupid?

Sugar makes you stupid. Rats who eat an omega-3 deficient diet are slower at completing a maze and those who drank a fructose solution instead of water were the most stupid of all.

Strangely, omega-3s seem to have quite an impactful role in the metabolizing of sugar. The rats that had a diet without omega-3 had higher triglycerides, glucose and insulin levels and showed a decrease in synaptic activity, which is critical for learning and memory. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get omega-3s naturally and the American diet does not provide much. This is why The Skinny Coach Solution recommends omega-3 as part of the program. The research shows that omega 3’s protect our brains from the harmful effects of fructose.

No one will tell you not to eat sugar more quickly than the Skinny Coach but did you know that I also highly recommend omega-3? New research has shown that rats that have eaten a diet high in omega -3s were faster in solving a maze, in fact, without omega-3’s show a decrease in synaptic activity. Bottom line the mice were slower.