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War, famine – fast food! which is worse?

203 million people died in the last century from war and oppression – including military and collateral civilian casualties from conflicts, genocide, mass murders, and famines. But the junk food habit kills more. The junk food habit is killing 40% more people than wars, famine, dictators, murderers, and politicians put-together.
God knows it taste great – in fact the manufacture it so that it taste so great you can’t stop… but are you willing to let you life be driven by a drug? Yes, food is a drug, it alters your brain chemistry and provides a high that can not be attained in a natural or normal way. Causing a desire, obviously, to want more because normal life and food is no longer pleasurable enough. Just like any drug, abstinence is the answer because if you could moderate you would have done it by now… You wouldn’t be 40 pounds overweigh, you would not have high cholesterol, you wouldn’t be in XL clothes. This is not what you want yet you can’t stop. Let me help you. Schedule an appointment with me and we can work it out.
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