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Can you believe she said no?

I was teaching a workshop recently and a woman there had sleep apnea, was 100 pounds overweight, was on medication for weight related issues, and has a daughter following her eating path and had been talking to a Skinny Girl for 3 years about being a Skinny Girl. In fact, they had been talking about weight issues for years before that. Even knowing four people in her community that are on the Skinny Coach Solution – she still could not bring herself to help herself. The insidious nature of this disease still surprises me today. The food addicts mind is a computer of rationalizations, guaranteed to fool even the most astute. This computerized mind holds several rationalizations for every kind of situation. The people serious about getting control over their eating behavior, the behavior that is LITERALLY killing them has to be able to recognize the rationalizations before it is too late. As food addicts, we have been using these mind games for years and they are an integral party of their personality.

“I’ll have just one”

“I’ll start tomorrow”

“What will people say if I give up sugar”

“It’s the only thing that makes me happy”

“The holidays are coming”

The most important part of the Skinny Coach Solution is to get rid of these rationalizations and the feelings that come with them. We are vigilant and consistent. This is why a diet alone does not work. Without these changes in thoughts and attitudes you will go back to the treadmill of your inevitable obesity related death. Your diet must include a mental remake. The Skinny Coach Solution does just that. I can help you. It is a lifetime program so you can’t fail unless you quit.

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