Emily’s testimony after 28 days

“I am grateful. I am grateful to have met you and to have the opportunity to learn from you. The combination of the actual diet + the coaching, the knowing you are there to ask questions, say the shit I don’t want to say to anyone else, has really made a difference.

I have found that food has been a comfort to me. It was a crutch. When I am worried, tired, stressed, or bored, food has been my companion, the soother. I also have found that I was lying to myself – especially in the last 4 years when I have gained the most weight. I said I ate healthy, but I never acknowledged the “bites” throughout the day that packed on the pounds. It’s shocking really.

With this diet, I get to eat nourishing, healthy foods – foods that I remember eating when I was the thinnest in my life in my twenties – and I am always fulfilled. I am rarely hungry. I get to have carbs! I haven’t had carbs in like 4 years! I LOVE potatoes and barley and brown rice, what a treat! I also love fruit, so this has been a revelation.

When I started the diet, I remember telling you, my back constantly hurts, my thinking is cloudy, I am emotional, I am desperate and I am deeply ashamed of my body size. I remember crying on the phone to you in fear and shame that I could not figure out how to lose weight. My clothes were so tight, I struggled to find outfits that made me feel like I wanted to look, and I hated taking pictures of my body, I remember looking at my face on video conference meetings thinking YOUR CHEEKS ARE SO FAT.

28 days in, I have felt more confident in and out of my clothes than I have in a YEAR. I have felt totally relaxed and confident about my diet plan and my trajectory (except on day 28 “weigh-in” morning when I couldn’t sleep of nerves). I am building a vision of myself thin and confident and relaxed in my own skin, wearing beautiful clothes that show off my slim figure. I am spending time thinking – “do I want to be as thin as her?” or “no, she’s too thin, I wouldn’t want to be that thin!” because now being thin is truly an option for me, and it will be for LIFE. I feel like I am at peace.

My mental clarity for all of the first 28 days was unbelievable. Like a super computer. I can see things quickly, make decisions quickly. I wake up with energy and my BODY DOES NOT HURT. OH! Inflammation has been a big thing for me in 2020 – I felt like my legs and feet were always swollen. NOT ANYMORE. I can see every vein in my feet and I can see muscle definition in my shins and calves. My face on video conferences is looking thinner, and the double chin that was starting is fading away.

When I was freaking about my weigh in day, you told me, if you don’t lose a pound, will it still be worth it, and my answer is YES. I look at the list of things I just wrote about – and not one of those comments referred to the fact that I lost 11.75 inches and 8 lbs. The peace of mind, the health benefits and the confidence are exceptionally strong reasons to do this diet alone.

Honestly, I cannot imagine NOT choosing to do this for the rest of my life. The sugary foods don’t appeal to me. The flour-based, processed foods don’t appeal to me. I don’t even miss cheese! Shocking.

SO, all this to say that I am grateful, blessed and at peace with this life change. I wish I could hug you to thank you for this experience….and I can’t wait until April/May when I am a PRO at all of this – I will be thin – and an ambassador for your program. I will be fully trained mentally, and none of the bullshit that used to get me rattled will rattle me again (as it relates to food).

Food will know its place in my life, and I will know my place as it relates to discipline around food.

One last thing that has really stuck with me…esp when people say “I don’t know how you can give up sugar or flour!” My body simply doesn’t metabolize sugar and flour the way that other bodies do. It’s just a genetic fact. Nothing to spend time worrying about – it just is. With that knowledge, I can move on.

Thank you finally to me. For not settling for a body I am completely unhappy in. For investing your hard-earned money in a program that will create the HEALTH & STRENGTH you seek for the rest of your life. For doing the work, the measuring the planning, the cooking, all the things that are “extra” now but will feel like routine in a few months. YOU DESERVE TO BE CONFIDENT AND JOYFUL AND HAPPY in your body.

You will never look back. This is the way forward.”

All my love,

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