Re-wire your brain to break your food addiction

Your fat cells have been trained to take in and store excessive amounts of calories which means that less calories are in the body to fuel your metabolism – because of this your brain tells your body to increase your calories – In other words, eat more and save energy, in other words, store fat. New research from the Journal of the American Medical Association has shown that calories in, calories out has confused the cause and effect of our biology. Overeating does not cause us to be fat, in fact, being fat causes us to overeat.

But why are we so fat? Three times as many people are fatter today than in the 60’s. The reason is we have vastly increased the amount of highly refined carbohydrates that we are consuming. Highly refined carbohydrates, like sugar and flour, produce high glucose levels, which cause the body to produce too much insulin, which in turn prompts your body to store fat.

Proof? Certainly, another study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that despite eating the SAME number of calories, people that ate a low fat diet burned 325 calories LESS then people that ate a low refined carb diet. That is equivalent to an hour of exercise.

The food industry is very motivated to promote the simplistic antiquated notion that all calories are created equal because the profit is immense. They can produce cheap, nutritionally deficient, highly addictive, food-like products and tell the public that, through no fault but their own, they over eat. Great business model but unfortunately it has caused a terrible obesity epidemic. It is the equivalent of putting vodka in 80% of the foods an alcoholic consumes and saying it is the fault of the alcoholic that they can’t moderate their intake.

There is a bottom line –

1) 1. Look at the ingredient list and if there is any sugar or flour listed- don’t eat it.

2) 2. Eat protein at every meal

3) 3. Eat enough food

If you need help with what to eat or how to re-wire your brain so that you can break your addiction to food – call me or email me.

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