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Do you think your weight effects your relationship with your spouse? I do. In fact, when interviewing patients that are interested in the Skinny Coach Solution one of the questions I always ask is, “How has your weight effected your relationship with your husband?” Inevitable, the women I speak with say some version of “Ohh my husband is great he loves me no matter what.” However, upon pressing the truth of the matter is reveled – what you eat does effect your relationship. Why? Not because your spouse is superficial and only loves you based on your body size but because if you are not in control of what you eat, if you are not comfortable in your skin and if you are unhealthy food you are not only fat, but you are sick, tired, disappointed and moody.

Psychologically it is devastating to not be able to control what you put in your mouth. Lying to yourself and letting yourself down every day can be very emotionally traumatic – , “Today I will eat better,” “Today I won’t have any candy,” “Monday I will start fresh.” and once again you don’t eat better, you do have the candy bar and years of Mondays pass you by. This constant failure and disappointment effects how you feel about yourself and of course, how happy you are, how active you are, how alive you feel and how you treat those around you.

Physically, when we eat foods that are bad for us, like sugar and flour, our blood sugar levels become unstable which have a host of effects on our mood and behavior. In fact, new research has been conducted looking at the relationship between blood glucose levels and aggression in marriage and it was found that low glucose levels result in lack of self –control, irritable behavior and aggression toward their spouse.

Health is the number one reason to cut out the sugar and flour from your diet but it is not the only reason. What type of partner do you want to be for your spouse? What type of parent do you want to be to your child? They deserve the best you can be and so do you. If you need help please feel free to fill out the Sugar Addiction Quiz and schedule an appointment with me to see what we can do to break this cycle. With the right set of tools you can figure out how to lose weight and keep it off.