As the Skinny Coach and a Skinny Girl myself I don’t often offer advise on exercise. Why, because if you have your diet under control, if you can lose weight, then you are doing the best possible thing for your body and health. Exercise is good for your heart, your mood and your energy but has very little effect on weight loss and nothing will increase your health more than weight loss. With that said, when pressed, I do suggest cardioacceleration as the best and most efficient form of exercise. Basically what you do is a set of 12 reps with weights or on a weight machine then do a cardio move for 30 sec to one minute and then back to another set of 12 reps with weights. The most important rule is to constantly be moving. Go from your strength or weight move to your cardio move with no rest. If that seems to difficult then keep the cardio intensity low.
You will save time and dramatically improve fat burning. BUT, eating right will have more effect…

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