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How Rachael Handled the Bake Sale


I am feeling exceptionally good this morning and feel like writing, a month into maintenance after dropping a cool 51 lbs this year. It is the day after the big AYSO Picnic in the Park event with which I was very involved this year – soccer tournament and kids carnival – long hours in the sun, lots of physical activity, kids running wild, you get the picture.

On this day, day 198 on plan, it was there I found myself pushing my hand-truck of boxes past sponsor booths, games booths and the dreaded FOOD booth, breathing the savory aroma of fresh pizza, subway sandwiches, chips and chilled juice boxes. Not one other bite, I repeated to myself, you’ve eaten all this before and really, where did it get you?

Next up, the catering booths – tacos, bacon wrapped hot dogs, I don’t know what else but again, armed with my mantra, I turned aside, hell-bent on my mission to get to the end of the field with NOT ONE OTHER BITE.

And just as I rounded the last row, I peeked to my right and there I saw it, a booth so crowded it’s 6 foot tables were completely obscured by kids and parents jockeying for position, thrusting their tickets at the volunteers with requests I could barely make out over the noise. Slowly I glanced up at the banner hanging from the easy-up canopy and like a lighthouse beacon calling out to a lost ship I saw it …. BAKE SALE!…BAKE SALE!….BAKE SALE!

Slowly and with great caution I approached the far side of the booth, for I had to pass this way in order to deliver my crates of supplies. Eyes forward, I stole a glance at the plates and platters piled high with… with….well, I won’t torture you longer with my ranting and raving. Suffice it to say, if it went in an oven and had frosting – it was on that table!

BUT, relying on what I learned from my 10 months of training with Tiffany (and the fact that without tickets, you could not buy food and I purposely left all my money in my car so as to make it terribly inconvenience to buy tickets), head held high, teeth gritted against the onslaught of “treats for sale, help raise money to help your kids!” I soldiered onwards, sailing past the Bake Sale booth and down to the field of carnival games and team photos, safe in the knowledge that having passed this way the first time without incident, it would be that much easier for the remainder of the day to continue to do so.

And it was.

By the end of a 13 hour day, having eaten my own packed lunch of 4 oz turkey burger patty, half avocado, cup of carrots and tomatoes and 10 mary gone’s, I can say, with only slight hesitation (as we know, this journey is an ongoing one) I GET IT.

Thanks! Rachael

Food Crisis – What to do when the cravings hit


The easiest part of any diet is the starting. The planning the food, the coaching, the gearing up; these are the moments that are fun and exciting. But, what about when you’ve been on the diet one or two days and you are hungry (or at least you think you are) and you’re ready to eat something BAD!

Imagine for a moment you’ve been on a healthy eating plan, like the Skinny Coach diet, and you’re feeling great, but you have just had a fight with your husband and suddenly, as if from nowhere you hear a small voice calling to you… “Eat me!!!” It’s the ice cream!!!! What do you do next?

  • Call your Skinny Coach
  • First off, what is the darn ice cream doing in the house still? And your husband or children want it is not a good reason! If you’re going to start a diet- REMOVE your temptations.
  • Remind yourself how happy you are that you’re finally doing something about your weight.
  • Refer to the journal in which you wrote all of the reasons you want to be thin.
  • Read, exercise, take a bath- divert your attention to something that will make you feel good, and that you can’t eat while doing
  • Eat your next meal of snack that is on your plan
  • Plan your meals for tomorrow
  • The Skinny Coach plan is based on a foundation that you are likely addicted to sugar and that you have tried doing diets on your own. That in the moment, if you were strong enough to resist you probably wouldn’t be fat, and that you may need someone to help walk you away from the edge. Tiffany Wright PhD, has been successfully coaching people through cravings since she lost 100 lbs. When you join the Skinny Coach Diet you will have access to Tiffany and her coaching anytime day or night- this is where the Doctor and her plan really shine.

    To get your first complimentary consultation click here to setup a time to speak with the Skinny Coach.

    Do you watch TV and Eat?


    You’re sitting on the couch and you’ve got your show all queued up. You immediately think “what am I going to eat?” Watching TV for most food addicts is what is known as a ‘trigger’ for their addictive activity (eating.) Alcoholics have triggers to drink, such as bars or certain people. Food addicts have triggers that are equally powerful and equally difficult to overcome. Often people think that the ability to only eat when you’re hungry and make healthy choices is simply an issue of willpower, but those people would be wrong. Sugar, one of the most highly addictive foods that a person can consume, actually stimulates the same part of your brain as cocaine; and not surprisingly leaves us with an insatiable need to feed that addiction.

    This ‘power’ that food has can seem overwhelmingly and would leave anyone feeling helpless. In some ways you are powerless against sugar; of course, all of the foods that breakdown into sugar, such as, white flour. The major problem is that if you consume these foods, you will feel the need to consume more of them, and more, until you’re sick, tired and fat. The secondary problem is identifying where all of these sugars are! You would be shocked at all of the hidden places that you’ll find sugar, and the hidden names that sugar goes incognito under. The most surprising of all of these is the sugar, hidden under the name dextrose, in TABLE SALT!

    I’ve now told you that sugar is as addictive as cocaine, and that once triggered you cannot control your food addiction, and finally that you likely won’t be able to find all of the hidden sugars in your food given they’re hiding under different names. That’s where the Skinny Coach Solution comes in; there is a way to free yourself from your addiction. Tiffany Wright, PhD, also known as the LA Skinny Coach, has spent her career helping people identify the foods that are making them fat and unhappy and then eliminate those foods. She uses a combination of intensive coaching, food planning and food elimination to help you succeed in rejecting your triggers and losing the weight that you’ve never been able to lose before. To find out if you are addicted to sugar take the Sugar Addiction Quiz or you can schedule a time to speak with the Skinny Coach directly.

    If you’re interested in receiving a list of the hidden names of sugar take the Sugar Addiction Quiz and I will send you that list at no charge!

    Resistant Starch – Who Knew?


    Resistant starches are a weight loss TRICK that really works. These starches contribute in many ways to weight loss and over all digestive health. What are they? Beans, peas, lentils, potatoes, yams, nuts and seeds, unripe bananas and whole grains such as barley and brown rice are all resistant starches and will help you lose weight.

    Starch consists of molecules of glucose linked to each other forming amylose and amylopectin. Amylopectin molecules have a branched shape and fit together loosely, which makes them easier to digest. Amylose molecules fit together tightly and form granules that are much harder to digest. Most plant food is made up of 20-25% amylose, but resistant starches contain much more amylose (60-80%) than amylopectin, so they are resistant to digestion.

    Normally your body digests starches in your stomach and small intestine, turning them to glucose (blood sugar) to fuel your body and store the excess as fat. When you eat resistant starches, however, they digest differently, passing through the stomach and small intestine and settling in the large intestine. There they ferment, helping in several different ways.

    One: They create beneficial short chain fatty acids including butyrate that help promote weight loss by increasing the amount of stored and just consumed fat your body burns and reducing blood sugar and insulin levels.

    Two: They protect the lining of your colon by decreasing ph, which boosts calcium absorption and blocks absorption of cancer causing substances.

    Three: They help the growth of healthy bacteria (probiotics) which gives your immune system a boost.

    Four: They prompt your body to produce more of the hormones that signal satiety and fullness, so you feel full sooner and eat less!

    How do you benefit the most from eating these foods? Cooking these starches breaks them down somewhat (gelatinization), making them easier to digest; cooling them thoroughly before you eat them gives the starch a chance to harden into a crystallized form (retrogradation) that is harder for the body to digest. So eat these foods cooked then cooled!

    I would really appreciate your comments below. Ask me any diet related question or let me know what you would like to know more about.


    If you read this article and could forward it to a friend you could really help them out.
    Most importantly, if you are struggling and need help all you have to do is email me at and I’ll set up a complementary session with you to pinpoint your triggers and help you with ways to deal with them. You don’t have to struggle with your weight and health. I can help you.

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    What Science Says about Losing Weight


    Losing weight is not easy because by the time you are overweight your brain and your body bio chemistry has been altered permanently. By overeating sugar and flour you have literally changed the neurological structure of your brain and also damaged the hormonal systems that regulate hunger and fat storage. You must lose weight with a diet but you can’t stay on a diet when your biochemical drives are working against you. There must be a fundamental and complete change in intake and behavior and if YOU knew how to change your behavior, if you were able to change your behavior, you would not be overweight. Cognitive techniques and behavioral modification is a complicated science but when utilized effectively can actually solve the issue. You must identify and institute habits, stressors and situations that determine your behavior, you must develop strategies to avoid emotional eating and other eating triggers. You must institute plans, organization and structures that make it second nature to eat the correct foods. The brain and body can be re wired and fixed but it is not as simple as a diet. If you need help the Skinny Coach Solution not only is a health diet, not low fat, not low carb, free from processed foods that will help you lose a significant amount of weight fairly quickly – it is a set of techniques, skills, talk therapy, group support and behavioral re wiring that statistically is very very successful. If you would like to know more then I would like to offer you a complementary session – just click here, take the quiz and schedule a time to talk.
    Good luck.

    Is this real?


    Food addiction is real. It has been recognized by scientists across the globe and it must be taken seriously. When you eat highly palatable foods like sugar and flour our taste buds send messages to our brain and release dopamine. However, in as little as THREE weeks of overeating the dopamine receptors started to get compromised. This leads the overeater needing more and more to get the same feeling – what is this called? Tolerance. Additionally, because the dopamine receptors have been compromised if you are not feeding yourself more and more then you feel bad because you are not getting normal amounts of these feel good hormones. What is this called? Withdrawal. Tolerance and withdrawal are the hallmarks of addiction with all addictive substances – cocaine, alcohol, cigarettes and SUGAR.

    Willpower and moderation are not relevant options with addiction. The sugar and flour must be removed. Your brain must be clean from the substance and your body must detox. This is a biochemical reaction and willpower is ineffective in the face of a bio chemical reaction that happens every day of every week of every year. This is why a smoker can’t just decide to smoke less. The logically part of their brain, their executive function, does not have control anymore – the addictive reward system has control. No addictive treatment advocates moderation. No one ever says, just have one line of coke a day or one drink a day. The body and brain can be healed but FIRST you must detox from the substance through complete abstinence and SECOND, you must engage in evidenced based treatment that includes cognitive behavioral therapy, behavioral modification therapy, talk therapy and group therapy. The Skinny Coach Solution offers all of this and that is why it works. That is why it will work for you. Please take a chance and schedule an appointment to talk.

    I would really appreciate your comments below. Ask me any diet related question or let me know what you would like to know more about.

    If you read this article and could forward it to a friend you could really help them out.
    Most importantly, if you are struggling and need help all you have to do is email me at and I’ll set up a complementary session with you to pinpoint your triggers and help you with ways to deal with them. You don’t have to struggle with your weight and health. I can help you.

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    Can you believe she said no?


    I was teaching a workshop recently and a woman there had sleep apnea, was 100 pounds overweight, was on medication for weight related issues, and has a daughter following her eating path and had been talking to a Skinny Girl for 3 years about being a Skinny Girl. In fact, they had been talking about weight issues for years before that. Even knowing four people in her community that are on the Skinny Coach Solution – she still could not bring herself to help herself. The insidious nature of this disease still surprises me today. The food addicts mind is a computer of rationalizations, guaranteed to fool even the most astute. This computerized mind holds several rationalizations for every kind of situation. The people serious about getting control over their eating behavior, the behavior that is LITERALLY killing them has to be able to recognize the rationalizations before it is too late. As food addicts, we have been using these mind games for years and they are an integral party of their personality.

    “I’ll have just one”

    “I’ll start tomorrow”

    “What will people say if I give up sugar”

    “It’s the only thing that makes me happy”

    “The holidays are coming”

    The most important part of the Skinny Coach Solution is to get rid of these rationalizations and the feelings that come with them. We are vigilant and consistent. This is why a diet alone does not work. Without these changes in thoughts and attitudes you will go back to the treadmill of your inevitable obesity related death. Your diet must include a mental remake. The Skinny Coach Solution does just that. I can help you. It is a lifetime program so you can’t fail unless you quit.

    I would really appreciate your comments below. Ask me any diet related question or let me know what you would like to know more about.

    If you read this article and could forward it to a friend you could really help them out.
    Most importantly, if you are struggling and need help all you have to do is email me at and I’ll set up a complementary session with you to pinpoint your triggers and help you with ways to deal with them. You don’t have to struggle with your weight and health. I can help you.

    Get Skinny!
    Take the Skinny Coach quiz and the
    Skinny Coach will call you with the results.

    Please add me to your Facebook friends and I will send you the list of the 100 names of sugar and 1 tip to lose that belly fat.

    It is all in the Brain


    I talked to the most wonderful woman today and she told me she used to be able to do anything but now she can’t, “I just don’t have any willpower anymore.” I was sick to my stomach. There are so many bright, beautiful, talented women that are ruined because of their addiction to food. The problem is they think it is their fault. But it is not. A new study validates the current research that sugar and flour are addictive. In fact Oreos are as addictive as Cocaine.

    Our pleasure center in our brain called the nucleus accumbens is activated by sugar in the same way it is by cocaine and morphine.  In fact, many studies have shown that sugar is MORE addictive than either cocaine or morphine because it activates more cells in this area making it even more pleasurable.

    This is not about willpower – it is about addiction.

    I can help you – take the sugar addiction quiz and schedule an appointment with me and be free from your addiction and stop battling the bulge.

    Neuro Science of Food Addiction


    Addiction has two components, physical and mental. Sugar and flour are physically addictive at a chemical and cellular level, and as with any addictive substance, it must be eliminated. By definition, if an addict could moderate they would not be an addict – abstinence is a must. But even if you find a perfect diet, like the Skinny Coach Diet, that eliminates these triggers you still have a system of neural pathways that represent learned associations, habits and reactions to stress and life. This must be addressed. The neural pathways in your brain are developed based on what you have done in the past making the breaking of a habit difficult. What are required are the development of new neural pathways and a deterioration of the old pathways. Food addiction is real and it is as real as heroin or alcohol addiction. Food, namely sugar and flour, affects the brain and the pleasure centers of the brain in exactly the same way as drugs. Dogaminergic pathways – reward pathways – in the brain are responsible for motivating food consumption and also feelings of pleasure that you get when you eat. These pathways also activate other circuits throughout the body that regulate hunger, satiety and weight control.

    In order to properly heal and be free long term you have to rewire those pathways. The problem, of course, is that those pathways represent how you think – you can’t think differently because your brain is wired to say things like “one bite won’t hurt” and if I eat that cookie I will feel better.

    I work with my clients daily and people mistakenly believe that they need this because they need accountability. In fact, it is only through daily conversations in a multitude of varying situations is it possible to teach an addict how to think differently. My work is to literally rewire their brain, over time, so that they internalize a healthy eating lifestyle which leads to life as a person that is natural thin. If you were allergic to strawberries you simply would not eat. Your brain would not be activated when you saw strawberry shortcake, you would not have to talk yourself out of eating a strawberry pie, it would be a non-issue. This is true for foods like sugar and flour which are usually the food of choice for addicts – over time the old addictive part of the brain that was alive and firing at the sight of a donut or baked bread is dead and the part that accepts easily that you don’t eat those things because they make you fat, sick and tired is alive and active.

    Other diets fail because just following the diet does not make a “lifestyle change.” You must change the way you think, and someone has to give you that language every single day until that happens. Skinny Coach works because it addresses the physical addiction with a healthy hormonally balancing food plan and because you work with me, the L.A. Skinny Coach, to reprogram your brain as a Skinny Girl.

    Why Moderation is BAD


    We have heard a million times, moderation is key. Baloney! If we could moderate, 66% of the nation wouldn’t be fat. The food industry has designed the foods we eat to make it impossible to moderate. Processed foods react with opiate receptors in the brain, mimicking the effects of opiate drugs like heroin and morphine. You can’t moderate sugar and flour any more than you can moderate a heroin addiction.

    Not to mention moderation ignores the serious damage those foods do to your body. High blood pressure, obesity, high blood sugar, damaged the lining of the gut, build up of toxins in your body – this happens with just a little bit a day.

    Listen, if you are fat then clearly you can’t moderate anyway. If you are ready to get this under control, lose the weight for summer and be free and at peace with your eating – fill out the quiz at and set an appointment.